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2010 Animation "Changbai Mountain Spirits" 【2D】

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2010 Animation 2010 Animation 2010 Animation 2010 Animation 2010 Animation
Products Name"Changbai Mountain Spirits"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy Tale/ Fable, Scientific Education
Episode Volume52
Episode Length12min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

Our story begings with a group of sprits who live in Changbai mountain.

In thick Changbai mountain forest, all creatures are intelligent.Birds of the sky , beasts of the earth all have their own leaders. Ferocious siberian tiger is the king of beast, proud eagle is the king of birds. Sagacious ginseng is the king of plants. The chief character of this story is the child of old ginseng king-ginseng baby.

The sprits in Changbai Mountain lived freely in that vast and mystery forest. Three nations live peacefully together. One day, the earthshaking loud was brought from the deep forest, and earth trembled in the following. Sprits of animals and plants were all in a fluster and they all escape. They had thought it was a volcanic eruption which under the Tianchi. The old ginseng king laughed out and said that a small prince of plant kingdom comes into the world. Please do not panic. As expect, neither earthquake, nor volcanic eruption, a red light beam came into sky, the loud in deep forest disappeared gradually. Bird nation and beast nation both sent the congratulation to plant kingdom.

But the woodpecker which is sent to find the prince reports that the small prince was stolen. At this time, the plant kingdom goes to wrong. The good relationship between plant kingdom and bird nation is brokendown. The original peaceful forest becomes dangerous suddenly, full of bellicosity……

All these things was made by the Baiyanlang who was a big machinator in this forest. In order to be the king of forest, he sowed discord between plant kingdom and bird nation, and made them hostile. He dictated old elm woman to steal the ginseng baby. The ginseng baby grew up with small pups, and he was educated by the wolf nation’s education which was the law of the jungle, but his good nature was not disappear. Under the helping of his friends, he came back to the old ginseng king grandfather. In this period, ginseng baby knew his good firend rana Tony, bear baby Barry, and a mimosa. They went to plant school together.

But he was out of step with plant sprits because of his wolf education from his childhood, and they made a lot of contradiction. Kind ginseng baby tried his best to bring peace to the sprits of Changbai mountain, but the treacherous Baiyanlang would not let his desire come true. A serious conspiracy was carried out around ginseng baby.

Baiyanlang instigated old elm woman to kidnap a little otter. She treatened otter father and otter mother to help him root out the guard of plant kingdom-birch. Ginseng baby and his friends made themselves to be volunteers to rescue the little otter and they foiled the conspiracy of Baiyanlang. Baiyanlang made another deally trap, he spread Cuscuta austras in the forest which was lived by absorbing nutrient from other plants, and the Cuscuta austras made a lot of plant get ill in the forest. Ginseng baby and some his friends led by ganoderma presbyterian, found a chief offender Baiyanlang and resolved the problem successfully. And Baiyanlang escaped.

Baiyanlang was not resign himself to being defeated, he caught snow baby in his springes of words who was responsible for snowing to the beast kingdom. The disappearing of snow baby made the forest disordered. Without the protection of “cotton quilt”, the plants were all ill, and the animals all could not hibernate.In the process of dispute rsolution between grandpa rabbit and aunt fox, ginseng baby and his friends knew the importance of snowing to the animals.Some friends stepped onto a road in finding the snow baby.

Gieseng baby and his friends found a bottle on the way to finding the snow baby. The bottle released a little fox named Liang-liang who was on fire whole body. Relying on the ability of breath of fire, Liang-liang bullied other animals. With the help of alpine, gieseng baby subdued Liang-liang, and they made Liang-liang realize his mistake.

Snow baby escaped from the dungeon of beast nation, and escaped from the capture of Baiyanlang by the help of bald sable, but he lost his snow pearl.Ginseng baby and hid friends took snow baby back to plant kingdom, snow baby discovered that he lost the snow pearl and he could not snowing. Ginseng baby and his friends decided to go back to beast kingdom to find the snow pearl. A bat overheard the news of snow pearl lost, he reported this to baiyanlang. And baiyanlang led small pups find the snow pearl which was lost by snow baby. Ginseng and his friends knew that the snow pearl was taken back to beast kingdom by baiyanlang from the Beauty Song. Baiyanlang used the snow pearl to against the throne, he frozened the tiger king into ice and dropped cliff. But this was discovered by ginseng baby and his friends. Ginseng baby and his friends rescued tiger king, and they went to the palace of tiger king to revenge. Snow pearl was took back by snow baby, and baiyanlang escaped. Snow baby used snow pearl to spread a white quilt to the ground, animals hibernated securely.Ginseng was expelled from the palace by the old ginseng king because he took sides with mimosa who was used by Baiyanglang.But who will not say that this was another cultivation for ginseng baby and his friends by old ginseng king? The new adventure of ginseng baby and his friends would start. What kinds of bad ideas made by Baiyanliang were waiting for them? Let us wait and see!



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