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Anhui Lanke Film Seeks Cooperation on the Shooting of "HUanhe River"

Cooperation / Pre-production of Programs / Film Production 2009/04/15 09:43:54
Company NameAnhui Lanke Film
Located CountryMainland China
Located CityAnhui

1. Contents

We will shoot a new documentary “the Huaihe River”. It will be the first one based on the historic and human scenery of the Huaihe River.

2. Reason and Necessity

It does have great social meanings. The ancient Huaihe River starts with the Tongbai Mountain in Henan Province, where Pangu created the world. It is a dividing river between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, cutting through Henan, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces, taking in countless rivers, flowing through Hongze Lake and reaching the sea. In the history, from Qin, Han dynasty to Sui, Tang Dynasty, the economy in the Huaihe River

Valley was rather flourishing, leaving the ancient folk song “going thousands kilometers of the country, the best is the Huaihe River Valley”.

In the 20th century, the yellow River overflowed to the south. While Song and Jing fought a lot. (At that time, China was not a unified country. It was divided in to many small parts and ruling by different kings, including Song and Jin. They always fought for more land and more power.) So, the river was seriously damaged.

It was said that “Huaihe River is a cradle of heroes”. In China’s history, countless heroes were born here, and there are countless remains of the ancient city and history now.

In order to introduce the Huaihe River to people all through the world from a brand new point of view, to reflect the history and humanity in the Huaihe River from different aspects, to inform people the unknown historical heroes and events using modern methods of arts and technologies, to make more people understand her, remember the Huaihe River in the Chinese land having many ancient legends by normal and smooth narrative methods, we scheduled to shoot the new documentary as soon as possible. We are hoping to cooperate with any influential companies.


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