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37 Episodes TV Series "Blade 1937"

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37 Episodes TV Series 37 Episodes TV Series 37 Episodes TV Series 37 Episodes TV Series 37 Episodes TV Series
Products Name"Blade 1937"
Production CountryChina
Theme Typehistory, war, nation, morality
Episode Volume37
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorGuo Jingyu
Script WriterGuanshan, Xuqing
Cast ListSun Honglei, Kou Shixun, Ye Tong, Qian Yongfu
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2006

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1930’s in Shanghai

On the first work day, cowardly Zheng Shusen coincidently holds off the No. 13 escaped criminal, Pangde that waits for execution. 2 years after then, Zheng Shusen has to send food for Pangde. In his heart, Pangde has become his close friends. But what shocks Zheng Shusen is that Pangde requires Zheng Shusen to kill him, and tells him that one would never become a real man until he kills someone else. After Zheng Shusen shoots Pangde, he demises himself as the jailor.

Committed by Pangde before his death, Zheng Shusen redeems Pangde’s lover Qiaoqiao, who is a famous prostitute of Qing Yunge. Zheng Shusen is deeply impressed by Qiaoqiao’s beauty and character when he meets her for the first time, and he begins to fall in love with her. With the price of losing blood, Zheng Shusen redeems Qiaoqiao with great efforts.

The foster father of Zheng Shusen has already been aged and gawkish, but nobody knows when he introduced a rural widow---Qin Shanbao as Zheng Shusen’s wife. When Zheng Shusen leads the lonely Qiaoqiao home, he happens to meet Qin Shanbao with her son, Caocao that come to require to get married with Zheng Shusen.

The next day, hatchet men from Qing Yunge come to kidnap Qiaoqiao, Zheng Shusen goes to save Qiaoqiao, but accidentally hurts the shopkeeper of Qing Yunge

Zheng Shusen and Qiaoqiao come to offer sacrifice for Pangde before his grave, but they find that Pangde is still alive. As he bribed the wardenry, who agreed to let out an empty bullet at that shooting day. He also brings the body of Qing Yunge’s shopkeeper and all of these were arranged by Pangde. Pangde then says to Qiaoqiao, “I am back!”.

Pangde comes back with great hatred. He used to be the leader of certain faction of Shanghai. 20 years ago, he was cheated by Yuzhong of Zhong Hetang, and lost his families and wife.

Pangde recognizes Zheng Shusen’s potential and wants to use Zheng Shusen as a tool to avenge for himself and gets back everything.

But Zheng Shusen only wants to live peacefully and supports his family and himself.

As a result, Zheng Shusen’s dream is hard to be realized and the Shanghai in 1937 saw everybody to be used as another’s tool.

Zheng Shusen falls into Pangde’s tricks frequently, and he helps Pangde to avenge directly and indirectly. During the revenges, he nearly loses his live for many times, but finally he all turns to be safety. During these days, Zheng Shusen makes several friends that are also be treated as the tools of someone else, but they only ask for what they should get. Among them are Liu Jingchen that only had several days in private school but desires to be a teacher, catamite Tang Weite, former monk and is good at cooking, Xu Bukui, and northeast girl that comes to Shanghai to seek father and is keen on accordion, Xie Xinsheng. They become blood brothers and do small businesses together.

Qiaoqiao is what Zheng Shusen cares wherever he goes, but he knows that she only belongs to Pangde. He also knows he can not reject Qiaoqiao’s requests. As a result, Zheng Shusen joins the sinister gang organized by Pangde, and replaces Pangde to send the coffin to Yuzhong, the leader of Zhong Hetang.

In order to revenge, Pangde finds Qu 14 that has followed him when Qu 14 7 years old. He also takes the son of his personal enemy Ma Yongji, and they crazily kill the fellow guys of Yuzhong.

Then Yuzhong and Pangde’s fights come to be apparent.

Zheng Shusen happens to meet the only daughter of Yuzhong, Yu Jiayin, and the young and inexperienced girl falls in love with Zheng Shusen when she firstly meets him.

The small business of the brothers meets difficulties, as it has pay large sum of protection fee to the ubiquitous sinister gang. Zheng Shusen compromises a lot, but cannot satisfy the sinister gang. Finally he cannot endure it any more and chooses to kill.

After precise plan, Zheng Shusen firstly kills one of the leaders of Zhong Hetang that named Changkun.

Just one night, Zheng Shusen becomes the hero among brothers, and he also becomes new overlord of the streets. But what comes is the more serious suppression from more powerful sinister gangs. To protect his brothers, Zheng Shusen has to rely on Pangde, and Pangde finally trains Zhang Shesen as a sharp knife.

The life of Zheng Shusen is filled with killing, dock-robbery, dock-re-robbery and re-killing.

Steadily, Zheng Shusen becomes a leader of Shanghai new sinister gang.

Qiaoqiao worries too much for Zheng Shusen, but her love to Pangde pushes her to use Zheng Shusen. During this term, Zheng Shusen clearly sees that his love to Qiaoqiao cannot be removed, and he struggles in the great pains.

Qiaoqiao’s skills on the musical instrument deeply impresses Yu Jiayin, but what Yu Jiayin loves is only Zheng Shesen.

Pangde’s revenge plan comes to the final point, and Yu Zhonghe is beat hardly. Battles between sinister gangs come to Shanghai. But at the time, Japanese ships arrive Wusong Port and Japan has got ready to invade Shanghai.

Jing Zhongshu that used to support Pangde when Pangde went into exile in Japan comes to Shanghai, and his real identity is the Lieutenant Colonel. He asks Pangde to repay the obligation, and the way is to exterminate Zhonghe and lead the sinister gangs of Shanghai, which could pave the way for Japan to invade Shanghai.

The long-lost husband of Qin Shaobao, that is the father of Caocao, Huang Xuchu also comes to Shanghai from the Red Army of north Changjiang River. Zheng Shusen and Huang Xuchu fight with each other and then they get to know each other. Though Zheng Shusen cannot understand what Huang Xuchu explains, while he gradually realizes that Huang Xuchu is a good guy, and what he is going to do is right.

To revenge for his family is to the way to be traitor, this is what Pangde did not expect, but Jing Zhongshu would not let out Pangde, and Pangde cannot help killing Jing Zhongshu that has saved him.

Pangde wants to settle the disputes with Yu Zhonghe within the shortest time, and he counterespionages the intimate of Yu Zhonghe, Gequan.

Gequan used to be the assistant of Pangde, but he betrayed Pangde’s guys 20 years ago. He knows a lot, and the most astonishing thing is that Qu 14 is the bastard of Pangde.

Qu 14 crazily loves Yu Jiayin, but Yu Jiayin only treats him as a dog.

Japanese invaders expand their paces to Shanghai, and the society turns into a chaos. During a trick, Ma Yongji accidentally kills Qin Shanbao, which makes Pangde and Zheng Shusen begin to oppose with each other. Zheng Shusen, affected by Huang Xuchu, changes his way of doing, but is separated by his fellow brothers.

A kind of privity is nursed between Zheng Shusen and Qiaoqiao. During the difficulties, Zheng Shusen saves Qiaoqiao for many times, which causes certain different feelings in Qiaoqiao’s mind. But Qiaoqiao got to know many years ago that she only belongs to Pangde for her life, and even the love with Zheng Sheshen is for Pangde.

Yu Jiayin boldly shows her lover to Zheng Shusen, but she is refused. With great hate in her minds, she even plans to use Qu 14 to kill Zheng Shusen.

Pangde meets Yu Zhonghe and it is the time for their decisive battle. When knowing that Yu Jiayin is his own daughter before killing Yu Zhonghe, Pangde’s hand begins to tremble.

Yu Jiayin is shocked by such sudden change, as the former enemy becomes her father, and the father turns to be her enemy. The lover she seeks is hard to get and the people that loves her is her brother. So she crazily revenges everybody, she kills her father and grasps the power, then she contributes herself to the Japanese.

Yu Zhonghe was killed, but was not killed by himself. And Yu Jiayin that used to be killed for several times was Pangde’s daughter, which makes Pangde greatly shocked. What makes things worse is that Yu Jiaying has already begun to collude with Japanese and got the enemy closer.

Individual kind and enmity becomes so faint in front of those of the nation, and Pangde and Zheng Shesen join together again. This is not only for certain family kind and enmity, but for those of the nation. They break out battles with the invaders, and the fellow brothers of Zheng Shesen, Huang Xuchu and Qu 14 lose their lives one after another.

During the battles, Zheng Shusen and Pangde stand back to back, one is with a blind eye, the other has been beaten hard to hold the gun---so one has to rely on the other’s hand, the other has to rely on the other’s eyes! They fight till the end and complete their fate as the real man.

Caocao witnesses the death of his “two father” Pangde and Zheng Shusen. He walks in the vast land and tells everything with his heart. He says “this is the story of my fathers.”

When Japanese invaders speed up their paces to Shanghai, Pangde and Zhang Shusen challenge the escapers at the frontline---

When the Anti-Japanese Invasion war is wholly broken out, among the revolutionists that meet the enemies are also our heroes. And what they have done, their love and hate, and their blood have been hardly known by the common people---the history is waved by innominate heroes.

The interest of the nation is predominant than everything! Under this word are the tears and bloods of the innominate heroes.



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