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Telenovela Telenovela Telenovela Telenovela Telenovela
Products Name"Treasure Porcelain"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume,Crime/Thrill ,Family/Ethic
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorHu Xue Hua
Script WriterKanger, Lih-Shinn Wang, Li Pan
Cast ListHan Chin, Duo Zhang, Yin Xiaotian, He Caifei, Chu Min-yi, Zhang Jingchu, Wang Tong-Hui
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2005

At the end of 19 century in the Qing Dynasty, Pan Tianci, a high level officer who charged the areas of Huaihe River’s transportation. He is an enthusiastic Chinese Porcelain Collector and organized a competition of the Ceramic Pots in Taodu a town in Jiangsu province. The Champion was a young artist Zhu Dehai. This result astonished all artists and audiences and censured by some famous artists. At the same time, the captain of suppress smuggling Yan Wu led his army fight with the smugglers of purple sand. Wounded Yan Wu and some soldiers rushed to report the serious military situation to Pan Tianci while Officer Pan was sinking the porcelains. So they had been resisted outside the Pan’s office. Although after the matter happened Officer Pan tried to avoid the punishment of the breach of duty, another Yangzhou officer Jiao Zan approved him to the Beijing Qing government secretly.

The son of Officer Pan, childe Pansi expelled from the house because he bought Liuye a famous prostitute as his concubine. So he introduced Mr.Kang to his father for his forgiveness. Mr.Kang owned a treasure, a half of ‘Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot’ without the lid.

The imperial envoy investigated Officer Pan twice in Yangzhou City. Finally, Pan was bestowed into the jail by six big crimes. After he escaped from prison through the help of Liuye and Mr. Kang he was free released because of the Dynasty’s change. Thereupon, Pan brought his family and settled down in Jinling city. He had the antique store ‘Purple Jade’.

Pan came back Sichuan again to look for another half pot. However, other people want the pot as well. One of them Gao Yunsong tried to robe the valuable half pot from Zhu Dehai. Finally Pan owned the whole pot with the disaster. Mr. Kang protected Zhu Dehai’s son Zhu Sha a four-year-old boy. And then he arranged this little boy in Anhua temple.

At this time, the concubine of childe Pansi, Liuye left Pan’s house and brought a half of ‘Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot’ with her. Then, there was no any messages and news from her about that famous pot.

18 years later, Pansi became another Chinese Porcelain Collector just like his father Officer Pan. He married a famous singer Jin Yanran as his wife. In order to complete father's wish, he arrived Sichuan and visited the highest porcelain artist to make a lid matched with a half of pot he had.

The porcelain artist Xu Shichuan was poor and sickness. His daughter Yuelian depended on selling the shaped putty porcelain to earn a living. One day, the Anhua temple’s young monk Huizhen made a charmed putty pot for Yuelian. Pansi just passed and saw that putty pot. He thought Huizhen was a excellent artist in the porcelain techniques. So he invited Huizhen come with him to Nanjing for making a matched lid.

Huizhen comprehended and grasped the important theory and skills with the indtruction of Mr. Kang after he read a secret book ‘Pot Circumference’. He brought Yuelian and followed Pansi to Nanjing after the Anhua temple was burnt and collapsed.

Jin Yanran was not satisfied her current life with Pansi. Pan Lingyu was Pansi’s daughter. Her boyfriend studied a Doctor degree abroad. After Jin Yanran saw Doctor Gao, they liked each other but they knew they could not stay together. Naive Pan Lingyu stole and sold the ‘Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot’ in order to donate and support her boyfriend's revolution ideal. Pansi very angered and worried that famous pot. Jin yanran proposed to retrieve the invaluable pot in order to exchange her freedom from the marriage.

Many troubles events happened, the invaluable pot returns to Pansi after all. Jin Yanran rewarded freedom but Doctor Gao left alone. Sad and discouraged Jin Yanran became Nun in the Jiming temple.

As a result of all sorts of lucky chances, under Mr. Kang’s demonstration Huizhen and Pan Lingyu discovered the real secrets of the ‘Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot’ lid. These two young people fell in love gradually while they made the lid together.

Huizhen returned the Anhua temple and knew that he was that little boy Zhu Sha.

In Nanjing, Japanese merchant named Keichi Tarou want to consecrate 'Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot' as his birthday gift. So he resorted all methods to obtain that pot. Smart Pansi schemed evry-assorted people who want to grab the invaluable pot. However, unexpectedly the Japanese kidnapped Pan Lingyu his daughter and threatened him to hand over 'Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot'.

Before Pansi Hand over 'Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot' to Japenses, he wen to the Jiming temple. He gave the real ‘Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot’ to Jin Yanran to hide and store it safely. But he found that his former wife Liuye was the Master of Jiming Temple. Finally, Pansi protected this national treasure 'Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot' in the front of Japanese invader by his life. Although Huizhen rescued Pan Lingyu , Yuelian shielded those two by her sacrificed. Then 'Yin Yang Tai Chi Pot' remained completely after experiences these tribulation.



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