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Huge Legend TV Series "The Legend and the Hero II"【HD】

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Huge Legend TV Series Huge Legend TV Series Huge Legend TV Series Huge Legend TV Series Huge Legend TV Series
Products Name"The Legend and the Hero II"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Action/Errantry
Episode Volume40
Episode Length45min
Cast ListRoy, Victor, Ruby Lin, Ray Lui, Wang Li-ke, Yan Bo-ya
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

The war against state of Zhou ended in failure. The desperate King of Shang Dynasty was back to Zhao Ge.

Facing the vast hollowness in the empty palace, he cursed the goddess Nv Wa, the mother of human beings, which caused heaven birds pecked his face.

Looking at his increasing festering face and the declining Cheng Tang, he found his hopes dashed to pieces

At this moment, the chick fairy with nine heads appeared in the palace harem. She told the King Zhou that both DaJi and she were fairies. The real Da Ji was dead while the foxtrel Da Ji was trapped in the Dark Mirror by Yin Hong.

Feng Lai persuaded King Zhou, who deeply loved Da Ji, and let him to save the foxtrel by his love.

Shen Gong Bao stole Da Ji's body by spells. The foxtrel possessed the body again.

The foxtrel and Feng Lai restored King Zhou's face, and the Zhou's forces became stronger gradually....

Bearing the blood feud, King Wu took a mass pledge and appointed Jiang Zi Ya as the grand marshal, leading senior generals Huang Fei-hu and Su Hu, and young generals as Yang Jian, Ne Zha, Lei Zhen-zi etc. nearly 800 thousand armies to launch a war against Zhou......



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