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HD Documentary "Ganzi State. 1938. Love"

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HD Documentary HD Documentary HD Documentary HD Documentary HD Documentary
Products Name"Ganzi State. 1938. Love"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeRomance
Episode Volume2
Episode Length30 min
Film DirectorQiu Wu
Movie FormatHD
Completed Date2008

It tells a story that spans life and death, lasts for two centuries and seventy years and even results in a war during a special history period with complex political relations.

The dramatis personae of this documentary are the chief housecarl of the 9th Panchen Yixi Duoji and the most influential female head official in Kangbei Tibetan area Deqin Wangmu.

Kongsa Yixi Duoji tells of his detailed love to Deqin Wangmu. The famous Tibet learner (interpreter of 10th Panchen) Jiangbian Jiacuo describes the complex historic background and political relations as well as important historical events relevant to the dramatis personae. Their daughters talk about their parent's love to each other. The film also introduces the special local religious history and culture and exhibits the love situation and war scenes. All of these contribute to the exhibition of the love that is beyond life, time and space as well as ranks of the two Tibetan young people with totally different identities and social status.

Kangding Madrigal which is honored as top ten love songs in the world is chosen as the musical them of the documentary, because the story happened in Ganzi County of Ganzi State, whose metropolis is Kangding. Kangding Madrigal has a great influence on the local lovers as well as lovers around the world. Music can beyond countries. Many people have never been to Ganzi or Kangding, but they have ever listened to the Kangding Madrigal. The melodious tune is still in their memory and the love song can take them to the charming and mystery Kangbei grassland in their imagination. The famous film musician Wang Liguang re-matches the musical equipments used in the song and adopts a variation to make the song all through the documentary, which leaves a sense to audience that love is beautiful and life is changeable.

In addition, what needs a special introduction is the chief creator of the documentary, Zhaxi Dawa. He is honored to be the representative of Chinese magic realism novelists. He is also the chairman of Tibet Writer Association and leading figure of Tibetan culture. Zhaxi Dawa offers much support and help in the production of the documentary. He hopes that this beautiful love story can be known and move more people through various medias.



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