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TV Series "A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu"

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TV Series TV Series TV Series TV Series TV Series
Products Name"A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu"
Production CountryChina
Theme Typehistory, Kungfu
Episode Volume120
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorDu Xiao
Cast ListBao Guo'an, Huang Qiusheng, Wang Gang, Wu Ma
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2008

There is a temple called Shaolin, which is in the deep Mount Songshan. It is the place where Chinese Kungfu originated. About 1500 year ago when Chinese Kungfu emerged, a Buddhist abbot called Huike lived in the temple. He had six disciples who were very good at Kungfu. Each of them had his own unique skill. Huike was a general before he became a monk. Being discontented with the cruelty of the emperor, he revolted against him. The emperor killed his entire family, except Huike and his daughter Xiyue who escaped and then lived a life on the run. Taking the lead in resisting the tyrant and saving the people with his Kungfu, Huike and his disciples and daughter became heroes. The six stories in this TV series are "Rescue Common Girls", "Fight the Bandits"; "Grab the Treasured Sword"; "Contend for the Kasaya" and "The Love of the Princess and Revenge".



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