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Heroes of the Marshes Film Series "Shrew Sun Er-niang"

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Heroes of the Marshes Film Series Heroes of the Marshes Film Series Heroes of the Marshes Film Series Heroes of the Marshes Film Series
Film Title"Shrew Sun Er-niang"
Production CountryChina Mainland
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorZhang Jian-ya
Script WriterGong Xiang-dong
Cast ListKathy Chow,Max Mok
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2006

Cross Slope is the stronghold in Mengzhou. Sun Er'niang's father was once the famous gambler in Bianliang of Dongjing. Many years ago, his wife was killed for his fight with the other gambler Tou Tuo. From then on, he refrains from gambling and opens this small hotel with his daughter, so as to wait for his personal enemy' appearance.

In the past ten years, Sun Er'niang has followed her father traveling around. She is called fierce lady with shrewish, smart and capable characteristics.

Zhang Qing, who killed a person accidentally, flees to this small hotel. Sun Er'niang's father takes him in but his daughter often quarrels with Zhang Qing.

Lv Huaicheng, penal head in Mengzhou, who has evidence of the illegal trade between Sun Er'niang's father and salt dealer, wants to take the hotel as his own. He tries to kill Sun Er'niang' father with trick, in the meanwhile, Sun' personal enemy appeared. In order to revenge, Sun Er’niang persuades Zhang Qing to help her and allies with Shi Duzi from Liangshan Mountain to fight Tou Tuo and Lv Huaicheng and then wined over.

From then on, Sun Er'niang and Zhang Qing set up Baozi restaurant with prosperous business.



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