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ASK Products OEM/ODMASK Products OEM/ODMASK Products OEM/ODMASK Products OEM/ODMASK Products OEM/ODM


   If you own a big brand name in your local market and like to sell ASK products with your own brand name, or want ASK to develop a product based on your specification, the following OEM/ODM business models with ASK are available. Certain commitments to ASK may be necessary depending on the degree of change you required to the standard ASK products.

  1. Change ASK brand to your own brand by reprinting the logo or making a new badge ,No other modification or whatsoever to the product is required

The customer has to cover the exchange of the silkscreen ,badge molding and badge cost , A minimum purchasing quantity that varies from model to model but normally at 500 pieces will be required.

  2. Change the brand name and part of the functions of the products

Apart from silkscreen and molding charge noted above the customer will be asked to cover the cost incurred from the functional modification. A commitment of a minimum purchasing quantity for the modified unit will be required

  3. Develope and manufacture a product based on customer's specification.

An engineering cost for the development or guaranteed purchasing quantity will be required

  4. Manufacturing a product for customer who owns the design and proprietary of the product

  We welcome you to contact us for any OEM/ODM opportunities. All OEM case will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis



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