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Products Name"Hi! XingXing Fox"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeAnimation/Fairy tale/Humor
Episode Volume52
Episode Length11min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2008

In the remote and deep magic forest, there is a little beautiful house, named magic house. And leading by the master of magic house——Magic mother, Star Fox and his little pals all lead a happy life here.

In this magic forest that is full of magic, unordinary things always take place, for which, everyday in magic forest becomes special.

And in this series, Star Fox meets many things:

Taking with the whirlwind, he gets to the Wind Valley to help residents there to compel the devil snakes; helping animals who get in trouble of the fire while sending present, the “Angel’s rings” to the owner of the Centre island; helping trumpetflower’s seeds to rebuild the confidence, encouraging the injured bees, and taking the lost ants come back to their home, as well as helping peach trees get rid of the obsessions of aphis; drinking the daring water, overruling orchid monster; as the green envoy to green the desert; helping Xiao Shan, a gray midget that becomes gray mite by the cures of yellow beard werewolf to grow wheat; to help midgets to drive off worms that eat their hairs, Star Fox grows the stone flower by great efforts; when he goes to be the supervise of the beauty competition of hippopotamus, he messes it up for over self – assertive…

Star Fox knows a reason in every story…



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