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2010 3D Animation "Tales in Mushroom Village II—Alien Visitors" 【3D】

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2010 3D Animation 2010 3D Animation 2010 3D Animation
Products Name"Tales in Mushroom Village II—Alien Visitors"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy Tale/Fable
Episode Volume10
Episode Length20min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

When the Mushroom Village was bathed in the joy of the annual Mushroom Festival, in the faraway Milky Way, the ambitious Blood Wolf on the Planet Namite was leading the rebels to attack King Xia Rong. At this critical moment, the king gave Feng-zhi-yue which stands for the imperial power to the princess Guoguo, and asked her to go to the earth, seeking for the base that the ancestors of Namite people left. Relying on this base, she could get back to her homeland.

Guoguo's airship was attacked when he fled and fell into the Mushroom Village accidently. She had a series of misunderstandings with the Villagers. When the misunderstanding was cleared up and the truth came out, Guoguo, together with Naonao, Police Officer Weiwei and A-mu started on the journey for finding the base…

At this moment, Little Dung Beetle, a pawn sent by Blood Wolf was leading five robots to look for Guoguo! Little Dung Beetle colluded with Python who had been always against Mushroom Village. They did destruction to Guoguo and other members headed by Naonao!

On the way to look for the base, Naonao overcame numerous difficulties, and smashed the destruction activities of Little Dung Beetle and Python! Finally justice defeated evil, braveness is proved and spread. They successfully helped Guoguo find the base that Planet Namite left on the earth!



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