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2010 Large Scale Suspense TV Drama "Mad Detective Di Renjie" 【HD】

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2010 Large Scale Suspense TV Drama 2010 Large Scale Suspense TV Drama 2010 Large Scale Suspense TV Drama 2010 Large Scale Suspense TV Drama
Products Name"Mad Detective Di Renjie"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Crime/Thrill
Episode Volume40
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorQian Yanqiu
Script WriterQian Yanqiu
Cast ListLiang Guanhua, Zhang Zijian, Qu Shanshan, Xu Qian
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

Shanjin Bureau, an imperial workshop which specialized in making gold or silver wares for the empress caught a fire accidently. Two hundred craftsmen in couple with tens of thousands of gold and millions liang of silver in the bureau also melted in the fire. Worse more, Sha Erhan, Directorate of the Shanjin Bureau, a favorite of Empress Wu Zetian, also was buried in the fire, which made Empress Wu Zetian very upset. However, after the Mad Detective Di Renjie checked the scene, he made a conclusion which shocked everyone. This fire was not an accident, and the craftsmen died in the bureau were first killed and then burned. The fire happened in Shanjin Bureau was carefully planned with the purpose of stealing the millions of liang of gold and silver. Empress Wu Zetian was greatly infuriated and signed a royal edict, ordering Di Renjie to investigate this case.

In the meanwhile, a huge case also happened in Luoyang City. 23 silver craftsmen were taken out of Luoyang City without being observed and disappeared since then. Their family took to court of magistrate of Luozhou. Di Renjie analyzed the two cases carefully, "Gold Stolen Case in the Shanjin Bureau" and "Missing Case of Sliver Craftsmen" and believed that the two cases must have crucial connections for they both had something to do with gold and silver. Therefore, Di Renjie, Li Yuanfang and Zeng Tai went to the folk, checked details and explored secrets. Through a series of setbacks, the truth finally surfaced. The initiator of this conspiracy was…



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