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Film Title"Blooding the Cuiping Mountain"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume Kung Fu
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorLiu Xin-yi
Script WriterGong Xiang-dong
Cast ListWen Bixia, Liu Yong, Chunyu Shanshan, Meng Fei
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

The story occurred during the Song Dynasty. One day, Pan Qiaoyun, the wife of the headsman Yang Xiong, was harassed by a varlet when the couple was idling about in a bazaar of Jizhou City. Just as Yang Xiong could not cope with all varlets with his own strength, Shi Xiu came up and gave him a hand. Yang Xiong was very grateful and invited him to run his butcher shop.

Tang Xiong was rather busy with the business and seldom stayed at home. Lonely as she was, Pan Qiaoyun tried to flirt with Shi Xiu but was always refused. Pan Qiaoyun had an affair with a monk called Pei Ruhai. Shi Xiu discovered it and revealed it to Yang xiong. However, Pan Qiaoyun talked black into white, and Yang Xiong believed her. Shi Xiu had to leave.

On the foot of Cuiping Mountain, Shi Xiu met a man who turned out to come from Liangshan. He managed to send a piece of information for him, but was unlucky to be overheard later and was reported to the government. Shi Xiu was under arrest for the colluding with Liangshan, Yang Xiong came and helped to release him.

Shi Xiu told everything to Yang Xiong, On Cuiping Mountain, Pan Qiaoyun had no way but to confess. Yang Xiong killed her angrily. Both Yang Xiong and Shi Xiu were wanted for the murder. They were about to get arrested, when Liangshan heroes came in time.



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