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Digital costume Film "The Master-Thief"

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Digital costume Film Digital costume Film Digital costume Film Digital costume Film Digital costume Film
Film Title"The Master-Thief"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorLiu Xin-yi
Script WriterLi Hai-yang
Cast ListLian Kai, Liu Hailong, Xu Shaoqiang, He Meitian
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

When Shi Qian newly joined Liangshan, he was ignored. So he decided to do something to change people’s attitude. Obtaining the weapon, he set our for the capital with Tang Long for a special mission. Tang Long was Xu Ning’s cousin. Yet, their relationship was quite loose. While Tang Long failed to persuade Xu Ning, Shi Qian said he could count on him.

Shi Qian pried about Xu Ning and followed him secretly at dusk. Yet, he found another person was also following Xu, who then turned out to be his junior sister apprentice. She asked him to join her but was refused. Grand Commandant had once offered a great deal of money to buy Xu Ning’s helmet, yet was refused by Xu Ning, So he sent Shi Qian’s brother and sister apprentice to steal it. Shi Qian sneaked into Grand Commandant’s mansion and managed to find the helment. Just as he was to leave, a person in black showed up and deprived it. Shi Qian was caught by Xu Ning, but later succeeded to escape.

Shi Qian and Tang Long decided to tell the truth to Xu Ning and tried to get the helmet back together. Grand Commandant treated generals a banquet, and Xu Ning wound be one of the invited. Xu Ning took Shi Qian and Tang Long with him as his servants. He pretended to be drunk and managed ro copy the key of Grand Commandant’s mansion. Shi Qian sneaked into the mansion again in the midnight and brought the helmet back.



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