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TV series "Bottom Line of Man"

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TV series TV series TV series TV series TV series
Products Name"Bottom Line of Man"
Production CountryChina
Theme Typecity, love, life

TV series

“Bottom Line of Man”

Staring: Pu Cunxin, Xu Qing

Co-staring: Yu Hewei, Liang Danni, Sha Yi, Sun Ning

It explores how the successful men master their “bottom line” when facing various kinds of the temptations and puzzles under the various kinds of the pressure in the officialdom, the business world and the love.

Mr. Wei Haifeng, the dramatis personae, is Director of Survey & Research Office in Transportation Department in some province. On his way back to the city with Deputy Director of Department and Journalist Shen Congcong after the survey & research, they had a car accident, and unfortunately, Deputy Director died in the accident. Meanwhile it also caused Shen Congcong’s bias for Wei Haifeng. Zhao Tongda, a classmate of Wei Haifeng, works as Director of Infrastructure Construction Department, and they two have the same level, but the gold contents of their powers are different. In order that her child can be enrolled in a key middle school, the wife of Wei Haifeng presented the gifts to Zhao Tongda, but still failed. After being promoted as Deputy Director of Transportation Department, Wei Haifeng’s power has changed. He becomes a person that should be “conquered” by General Manager Ding of the tender for the expressway. The father and the son of General Manager Ding first “conquers” Wei Haiyang, the younger brother of Wei Haifeng, and let him resign and enter into the business world and establish a consulting company, and enter the related agreements.

After the wife of Zhao Tongda passes away, he meets and falls in love with Journalist Shen Congcong. After being promoted as Secretary Chief of Transportation Department, Zhao Tongda governs the discipline inspection. He fixes that “After constructing a road, a batch of cadres’ falls down” has become a kind of the phenomenon, so he closely watches the bid event for the expressway.

Due to the wire-pull by Wei Haiyang, Wei Haifeng and General Manager Ding become friends, and Wei Haifeng has his tendency. Therefore, he has the contradiction with Zhao Tongda. Wei Haifeng has a clear conscience, but Zhao Tongda is very suspicious for him. Some behaviors of Zhao Tongda cause the dissatisfaction by Shen Congcong, and they end the love relationship.

Wei Haiyang and his girlfriend, Liang Shuang, play on the mountain, and they have the bust-up. Liang Shuang falls down the cliff and dies. Wei Haiyang has no idea at all, and flees the site.

Wei Haifeng and Shen Congcong enter the consensus on the direction of the road construction. Shen Congcong identifies with Wei Haifeng from her heart, and also has the love feelings for him. She finds the company of General Manager Ding has some financial problems. If undertaking the construction of the expressway, it will be very risky. She tells the results of the investigation to Wei Haifeng, and obtains the support by Wei Haifeng. They two reach the privities, and Shen Congcong continues her public and private investigations. She has the close contacts with Wei Haifeng, and they two gradually fall in love.

The family of Wei Haifeng is in battle, and his wife lacks of the confidence, which is always suspicious for his behavior. Wei Haifeng is also very painful. At this moment, General Manager Ding finds the investigation action by Shen Congcong, and takes the strike measures for her. Meanwhile, he also finds that Wei Haifeng begins not to trust him. Then he immediately uses the children of some senior officials to take the super stratum route, and imposes the pressure to Wei Haifeng through the leaders. Zhao Haida also begins to investigate Wei Haifeng. Meanwhile he also finds the contact between Wei Haifeng and Shen Congcong, who have the complicated sentiments.

Wei Haiyang is difficult to cast off the shade of the death of Liang Shuang. He signs the agreement with General Manager Ding, preparing to flee to the foreign country after getting a sum of the money.

Wei Haifeng and Shen Congcong jointly enhance the investigation for the company of General Manager Ding. They two know and love each other very well, and the billows of the sentiment rise and fall.

Provincial Transportation Department begins the bid event for the expressway.

In order to get the big money for going abroad, and also in order to complete the trade with General Manager Ding, Wei Haiyang steals the material of the bid by fair means or foul. General Manager Ding gets the first key step of the success for the bid.

Striving for the ultimate opportunity, Wei Haifeng and Shen Congcong finally disclose the inside story of the company of General Manager Ding. General Manager Ding also finds out the hidden secret of Wei Haiyang, and imposes the pressure to him. Wei Haiyang tells the truth to his brother, along with asking his brother to deliver himself to the police.

General Manager Ding has the violent interference to Shen Congcong. Wei Haifeng arrives at the site, and takes the face-to-face struggle with General Manager Ding. The love of Shen Congcong for Wei Haifeng comes as billows, and Wei Haifeng also loves her very much. However, they two hide this love in their deep hearts.

The bid event for the expressway in Provincial Transportation Department successfully completes. The plot by General Manager Ding fails. Shen Congcong appreciates a true love, and also says Good-bye to a great love, and go to Beijing for her future career alone. Wei Haifeng goes to the jail to visit his younger brother….



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