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40 Episodes Large-scale Fairy Story "The Magical Monk" 【HD】

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40 Episodes Large-scale Fairy Story 40 Episodes Large-scale Fairy Story 40 Episodes Large-scale Fairy Story
Products Name"The Magical Monk"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume,Youth Idol
Episode Volume40
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorDu Qi-feng
Cast ListBenny, Lam Chi Chung, Gao Hao
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

In the fairy land, the fat and the thin fair-children of Borneo Cave failed to take precautions, which made Roc fly to insurrect the mortal world. So Buddha ordered Xiang Long to reincarnate to be Li Xiuyuan in human world while the fat and the thin fair-children were reduced to be Guang-liang and Bi-qing.

Xiuyuan suddenly recalled his pre-life on his wedding day, so he left for Ling Yin Monastery to be a monk. The bride Yan-zhi suffered blame from their family and friends, and committed suicide through shame and hatred. However, she was saved by Roc accidentally.

Roc’s disciple Bai-ling, who was a nine tail fox, changed into a beautiful woman to meet Chen Liang everyday for evening up on his preexistent saving and fell in love with him in the end. Ji gong---Robin Hood in China, saved Chen Liang and solved their evil relationship. Since then Bai-ling had malice to Jigong, and she borrowed “incineration” to burn Dabei Building to ashes.

In Lingyin, Guangliang forced Jigong to raise money for reconstructing Dabei Building in one month. Three Secretaries in Hang Zhou city, having gotten help from Jigong, wanted to raise money for Jigong. The fund was solved but they lacked timber, Guangliang picked on Jigong again; so Jigong reformed Secretary Qian,who had a large field of woods, to denote his timber, thus Dabei Building could be rebuilt finally.


After repeatedly insurrection and escaping, Bai-ling and Roc rejoined together to plan another heart-stirring revenge …



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