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28 Episodes TV Series "In the Back of Marriage"

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28 Episodes TV Series
Products Name"In the Back of Marriage"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeLife and romance
Episode Volume28
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorHe Qun
Cast ListLiu Jia, Zhang Jiayi, Jin Xin
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2007

Su Botao, the previous Culture Community Chief of Liucheng City retired and lived happily and comfortably with his wife Linying, children and grandchildren. However, Su Botao had seen the death of Bai Liyun in news by accident one day. He was so passionate on it that the heart disease stroked him and he was sent into the hospital. In fact, Su Botao loved Bai Liyun 20 years ago which had tangled the life of the couple of Su Botao and Linying for years. The common point was that they both hid the love to their children.

The sudden attack of the heart disease to Su Botao made Linying depressed and puzzled a lot. She called all of the children back. Their favourite second son Suqin returned from Hainan Province then. His wife Li Xiaodong demanded to divorce him as soon as she saw him. Sunqin had no choice but to agree, without telling his heavily sick father. Suqin came back to Liucheng City without preparation of encountering an irritating marriage problem like this. He was attacked heavily.



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