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Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Kung Fu
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorHuang Zuquan
Script WriterGong Xiangdong
Cast ListJiao Enjun(Taiwan), Xiao Qiang(Taiwan), Wu Yue
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2010

Lei Heng and Zhu Tong

Zhu Tong is a captor who is skilled at martial arts but behaves rudely. Because of his insolent manners, he offends his superior and has thus been distributed to a desolate town called Shuangfeng Town.

Shuangfeng Town is a small place, yet is filled with troubles. There officials collude with bandits and different gangs plot against each other, which make this town fraught with intrigues and slaughters. However, under the charge of Zhu Tong, this town becomes peaceful.

One day there comes another captor Lei Heng, known as being upright and straight. He comes to Shuangfeng Town with the superior’s confidential order. He is extremely sick of Zhu Tong’s living style, especially after knowing his affair with Bai Xiuying, a beautiful but cunning prostitute. The relation between Lei Heng and Zhu Tong is quite subtle and tense. Yet, it turns good after they go through a battle together.

The enemies they face are those who pretend to be Liangshan heroes but actually are venomous bandits. After seeing through many things, Lei Heng and Zhu Tong decide to fight against them shoulder to shoulder. At last, with their joint efforts, the enemies are killed off. They now begin to respect each other and make friends with each other. Yet, Lei Heng is sentenced to death because of an accidental killing of Bai Xiuying when he tries to stop her betrayal of Zhu Tong. On the way to the execution ground, Lei Heng happily finds out his bosom friend Zhu Tong and true Liangshan heroes have already been there waiting for him.



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