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Film Series "Fire-Line Fighting –Breaking through the Shady"

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Film Series
Film Title"Fire-Line Fighting –Breaking through the Shady"
Production CountryChina
ThemeAction/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90min
Film DirectorDeng Yancheng
Cast ListWallace, Ashton Chen, Qi Fang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2009

In French Concession, a campaign of "Smoking Ban"was going on.So a bulk of opium is forfeited by the government.

Han Fei is accidentally involved in a gunfight while he is in a restaurant. One detective of Western police station was killed, but the murder, who is named A Lian, a gang boy of QiLin Faction, escaped from the accident. The investigation started but the Western inspector, John Lee did not want Zhong Lang to participate in this case. Thus Zhong Lang sensed that there was a skeleton within the Western police station.

Before long, A Lian was arrested and in the inquisition A Lian admitted that a mysterious person bossed him to exchange a huge sum of money for calcimine powder sample. His mission was to complete this deal.

Numerous clouds of suspicion covered on Zhong Lang's head. When he planed to go ahead, A Lian was secretly poisoned to death in the interrogation room.

Deeper investigation helped Zhong Lang's detective team find out that all the clues pointed to the Western Police Station.

After twists and turns, the secrets of the Western Police Station were quite clear: the big Black Hand of the Western Police Station attempted to make the newest drug heroine and dump them during the campaign of "Smoking Ban", during which time all kinds of drugs were out of stock.



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