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26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera "Balabang"

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26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera 26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera 26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera 26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera 26-Episode Cartoon Soap Opera
Products Name"Balabang"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy Tale/Fable, Scientific Education, Comedy
Episode Volume26
Episode Length22 min
Completed Date2008

Theme of Program

Children today have a colourful life in this changing world. The cartoon is to help children to remember their own culture, history and tradition while absorbing alien culture.

We designed nine animals with their own characteristics as main roles and they will perform an interesting and humorous soap opera. Some of these animals are lovely, some kindly and tender, some knowledgeable, some merciful and some specialize in cooking. They live together and help each other, but some foolish situations can also be seen because of their different background and characteristics, which is amusing and enlightening. The aim of this cartoon is let children learn traditional and classic culture in an environment they enjoy.


In the unknown Island of Bala lived some happy and kind animals from all over the world, including merciful and learned Principal elephant Aily, humorous and cook-loving Malaysian tapir Mengmeng, wilful but persistent Panda Ni’ni, strong Master Yu, a fish-tailed lion, Tiger Mi’mi who loves playing practical joke on others, cynical Deer Lingling, intelligent and capable landlady Goat Qiu’qiu, shy sheep Kaka and Ga’ga which is a divine bird. This cartoon is to describe the life and story to happen in Island of Balaban among these animals. All of them will unite to solve all problems and conflicts whenever they occur. This is Balaban, a happy island and it’s these lovely animals that make up this attractive island.

(P.S. “Balabang” in the language of Indian Buddha means “an imaginary land of luxury and idleness”)

Briefing of characters in the cartoon

Aily: kind and considerate uncle with slow moving. He takes himself as the leader of the island and will be happy if others call him Principal Aily. He can deal with everything well and is good at tackling conflicts between others. He is knowledgeable and respected by others.

Mengmeng: He doesn’t care anything. But he enjoys cooking and his favourite dish is “banana in piece”. He is lazy but is good at social activities and will be happy if others notice his strong points.

Nini: out-going, emotional and loving singing and dancing. She is a typical seventh-grade girl. She is persistent and never give up is she is to do something.

Mimi: She is the best friend of Ni’ni. Young, emotional, she is curious about everything. She enjoys imitating what her companions do but often unable to know what others’ intension, so some stupid and funny things can often be seen.

Master Yu: A strange uncle with slow moving just like his staid character.

Qiuqiu: Has many ideas and always wants to be stronger than others. He runs a grocery but doesn’t run it well and he doesn’t have a strong will to know how to run it better. He adores Lingling and considers himself as a inferior of Lingling

Kaka: kind of cissy, not brave, and likes to play with the toys of girls. He likes satirizes others and never know that he has a lot to improve.

Lingling: a cynical playboy, he can exactly identify the nature of everything. He deals with different kinds of people very well. He enjoys playing tricks on Qiu’qiu, who adores him, to help him grow into maturity. Lingling is a typical realist.

Gaga: a lovely divine bird, enjoys collecting various small stuff, often intense nervous. He tends to go extreme. He often exaggerates his actions.



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