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28-episode TV Serial of 2008 "Legends of Ke Yujing" 【HD】

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28-episode TV Serial of 2008 28-episode TV Serial of 2008 28-episode TV Serial of 2008 28-episode TV Serial of 2008 28-episode TV Serial of 2008
Products Name"Legends of Ke Yujing"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, History/War
Episode Volume28
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorLiu Haitao
Cast ListWei Zi, Chen Songling, Hu Jun, Sun Sihan, Liu Tianyue

"Legends of Ke Yujing" has an interpretation of the Chaozhou-Shantou culture, historical figures and events from the angle of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is an encouraging play which has a description of the successful Chaozhou men who are of heavy loyalty, uprightness, tenacity and perseverance.

This is a romance play which has a description of the romantic Chaozhou women who are of kindness, grace, fealty and beauty.

During the Emperor Jiangqing Period of Ming Dynasty

In the royal palace, the Emperor Jiaqing, who was striving for eternal life with siendan, received both good and bad news: Qi's troops got a great victory over the enemy; the prince passed away. The imperial physician Wang Shanzun who had treated the prince ran away, which greatly infuriated Empero Jiaqing. The emperor issued a command "Got me Wang Shanzun, and I would have him executed!"

Clouds of smoke floating over the battlefield, the Japanese pirates were fleeing in all directions, the Ming troops were waving the flag and cheering at their triumph. The General Qi Jiguang (Acted by Hujun) awfully stood in the battlefield, stroking his goatee with a smile on his face.

A few Japanese spies planed to assassinate Qi when Qi was surrounded by the toasting people in the celebration of the triumph, but they were seen through by Ke Yujing (Acted by Wei Zi) who knew a little Japanese. Ke saved Qi’s life. Qi proposed a toast to express his thanks. Ke got drunk and was taken away to marry Zhutou’s sick daughter to counteract her bad luck. Dang Gui (Acted by Chen Songling) who came with her father to ask Ke to pay for her broken koto cured Zhutou’s daughter and saved Ke…



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