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Two-dimensional high-definition animation paperless of 2010 "Rainbow Turtle"【2D】

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Two-dimensional high-definition animation paperless of 2010 Two-dimensional high-definition animation paperless of 2010 Two-dimensional high-definition animation paperless of 2010
Products Name"Rainbow Turtle"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy Tale/Fable
Episode Volume26
Episode Length11min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

Quiet countryside, a beautiful pond, turtle mother in the mud pond baby hatch. Lizards, turtles mother wants a baby to do his own children, his mother turned turtle. Splenetic Timberwolves encourage lizards steal eggs, but their eggs are stolen in the half-way lost.

Without the mother's eggs in a storm after they opened, and a little turtle crawled out from the inside, the colorful rainbow color map to a small turtle's back, his back has seven colors. Hero of the story - Rainbow Turtle was born.

Rainbow Turtle by everybody as a monster, are not willing to accept him. Hong turtle to the back of the color smearing with mud, and the pond to find his family, but the gray wolf on the water washed away the mud Rainbow Turtle, turtle rainbow once again been driven from their homes.

In the village, the rainbow turtle encountered a gray wolf, gray wolf told the rainbow turtle, his mother in the distant cities, the two go hand in hand on the road. Middle of the night, wolves by the rainbow turtle asleep, took him as a stool with a bag of maize for the old Mole.

Rainbow turtle was taken to the old mole underground cavern after a toy has become Mole who was bullied in every possible way. Mole saved a white rainbow turtle to help him from the cave where he escaped.

Outside the cave is a prairie, the rainbow turtle creek to drink, see a few in the cry of the marmot, their parents were taken away by the wolf, the wolf family was forcibly occupied. Rainbow Turtle help marmot, the Minnesota lead to an underground labyrinth, woodchucks, they rescued a father and mother took the opportunity.

Minnesota caught a rainbow turtle, turtle rainbow kick but was blind in one eye, turned into a one-eyed wolf, in retaliation for the rainbow turtle, one-eyed wolf put him in the cliff the eagle nest. Kitty fight to throw the rainbow turtle play, but Zheng Qiang, when the rainbow turtle was taken to the air, accidentally fell on the snow-capped mountains, thick snow pressure down, the rainbow turtle covered. The baby turtles have no rainbow, disappointed evacuated.

Rainbow Turtle gradually under the snow was frozen numb, unconscious before he saw a pair of white furry Bigfoot. Rainbow Turtle woke up, around a small fire. Rainbow turtle saved is Xueguai, he was a man alone in the snow, only he can out of winter activities. Rainbow happy together turtles and Xueguai had a winter.

Spring has arrived, told the rainbow turtle Xueguai down the road, went back to sleep. Rainbow Turtle melted snow came down a blue lake, the geese to migrate south to Rainbow Turtle heard the story promised to give a lift to take him for a ride.

The edge of the forest in the south, the rainbow turtle bid farewell to the geese, embarked on a journey alone. There are a variety of forest plants, many of which are not seen the rainbow turtle. In the following from the colorful berries, berry rainbow turtle encountered a daze staring at the raccoon. Raccoon is a painter, he likes a variety of beautiful colors, rainbow colors on the Turtle attracted the attention of raccoon, raccoons did not as a monster rainbow turtles, raccoons are always wandered, in capturing the beautiful scenery of the World , and then draw them down.

Rainbow turtles and raccoons have become good friends, raccoons are also many beautiful paintings drew down, carved in the stone head.

Rainbow Turtle raccoon and left the forest together, he wanted the city to hold an exhibition and he do not trust a person go to the city turtle rainbow, where different from the quiet and peaceful village, full of intrigues.

Forest to the city to go a long way, way over there are many remote villages. In one village, the village lemurs brother stole something, turtles and raccoons caught by the rainbow. Later learned that the two of them are orphans, one-eyed wolf is forced to steal things in the village, raccoons and turtles with the help lemurs Rainbow brothers fled to justice and punish the one-eyed wolf.

To the city, the rainbow turtle because of his peculiar, one-eyed wolf was spotted the bad guys, the rainbow turtle taken away to sell. Rainbow is not in the day, raccoons do nothing, and held exhibitions of the dream will soon come to nothing, when the bad guys one-eyed wolf and raccoon talks, told him that have money to them, they will put a rainbow turtle, but the fundamental one-eyed wolf there is no intention to put a Rainbow Turtle, turtle but secretly sold to the museum of the rainbow.

Although raccoons are afraid, but still captures the brave men eyed wolf, and the rainbow turtle museum, and wit to escape.

Rainbow Turtle watching the dream of a raccoon, because there is no beautiful color, not always draw the eyes of that rainbow, and also very anxious for the raccoon, and finally, he reluctantly put the color back, grinding down, quietly left the raccoon.

Half way, the rainbow turtle met an old friend of geese, wild geese with a turtle back to the quiet valley of the rainbow, the rainbow turtle's place of birth, where the rainbow turtle finally become normal and no different from other small turtle. One would never call him a monster.

Rainbow Turtle back home, and her mother finally admitted that he was her child.



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