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Hong Kong Film "HOT & SPICY"

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Hong Kong Film
Film Title"HOT & SPICY"
Production CountryHong Kong, China
Episode Length90 min
Film DirectorHu Jiaqin
Cast ListFan Shaohuang, Jiang Zhengni, jiang haowen
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2002

The excellent detective F. has solved various difficult cases, being the idol of many people. He and his assistance Mucuntuo were very popular among the beauties… All these were the imagination of detective F actually. He was a detective really but he was not rich. He often owed the rents of the house to the renter. It was totally empty in his love. One day, F. was consigned to protect Jixiang, the sole daughter of a rich merchant. Her dad died suddenly and the relatives coveted the properties a lot. F. and his assistance were responsible to protect Jixiang privately in her home. In fact the family was from Sichuan and they loved hot food very much while F. was afraid of spicy dishes, which raise a lot of jokes.

Three days later the Qinglong lawyer read the testament publicly. Every one around was more and more nervous. F. paid attention to all the possible figures in the house: the 4th uncle, white headed Chen and daughter of aunt lady ten were most suspicious. Insane little sister Jixiang and open-handed Qie guy were not nice to Jixiang. Suddenly, lady ten was killed unbelievably. Every one was extremely nervous and scared at this time. The governor of the family Zhiwei and white-headed Chen were prosecuted one by one. F. was detecting every little clue everyday. He found the real track of all the accidents in a hotpot. The true killer was…



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