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Heroes of the Marshes "A SASSY WOMAN" 【HD】

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Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Kung Fu
Episode Length92'
Film DirectorLiu Xinyi
Script WriterGong Xiangdong
Cast ListLi Yixiang, Wu Junru, Wang Luoyong, Shen Ling, Xu Deliang, Lu Xingyu
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2010

Gu Dasao runs a casino. One day, a passer-by called Lao He loses all his assets in her casino and mortgages a piece of jade which according to him, is the invaluable Hetian Jade. Gu Dasao is quite suspicious about it while her boyfriend Sun Xin insists it is a fake one.

This night, Lao He sneaks into Gu Dasao’s home and intends to steal the jade. Yet, Xie Bao, a gambler, happens to come to borrow money so that he can retrieve his money lost in the casino run by Mao Zhongyi who in Gu’s eyes is mean and greedy. So Gu agrees and gives Xie Bao the jade. Lao He who is hiding himself in the dark can do nothing but see his jade be taken away.

Sun Li comes no sooner than Xie Bao leaves. He is Sun Xin’s brother and is a captor for the government. He brings the news that a piece of Hetian Jade has been stolen from the royal palace and now the overall country is searching for the jade. Not until this time have Gu Dasao and Sun Xin realized that the stolen jade is the right one of Lao He’s. They dare not tell Sun Li the truth, and decide to look for Xie Bao in secret.

In Mao Zhongyi’s casino, Mao knows the value of the jade and wants to usurp it. At the key moment, Xie Bao swallows it. And as Gu Dasao and her people come in time, the atmosphere in the casino becomes quite intense. However, Sun Li comes as well with his people and detains Xie Bao.

Every power tries to acquire the jade. At last, with the joint efforts of Gu Dasao, Mao Zhongyi and Lao He, Xie Bao escapes out of the cell and Sun Li is converted into their people. Yet, there comes out another problem, how to share the jade. Finally, Gu Dasao gives a proposal which wins everybody’s support.



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