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Hong Kong Film "KILL OR BE KILLED"

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Hong Kong Film
Production CountryHong Kong, China
Episode Length90 min
Film DirectorXiao Linsanlang
Cast ListYi Yangming, Zhang Qian,Huang Liang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese

One ngiht, Wen and his friend Kuangniu fought with others after drinking and then were arrested by the work camp. Wen had lost the job of being a teacher. He studied the Chinese acupuncture then. Taofa, Wen' s dad sold fishes in the city and did it well. He knew Uncle Gen and Suqiang.

There were two gangs of hooligans in the city, one with the leader of Guijianchou and the other Datou. The two gangs occupied their districts respectively. They often conflicted because of profit. Taofa’s vender belongs to the rule of Datou. Guijianchou would like to rob the benefit of the vender and often bully Uncle Gen and Suqiang.

Wen' s little birther Xing would not like to study at school. He often wandered happily in the night clubs, encountering Heying in the bar. They were very close soon. Xing made friends with some malign people and got addicted by the heroin. At the same time, Kuangniu, Chousi had fallen to the robbers. They took advantage of Xing' s weakness to let him join them and seek comfort in the clubs every night.

Guijianchou acknowledged that Taofa were rich some kind and tempted him to lend loans outside but was refused by Taofa. Guijianchou saw that it didn’t work and planned a car accident to let Fa die. Wen was astonished a lot when hearing the news and hurried to the city. He accomplished the funeral of his dad and then lived together with Xing. The two brothers investigated secretly and openly for their father' s death, knowing that the true killer was Guijianchou at last. However, they couldn' t find the evidence. Wen persuaded Xing to get rid of those bad habits. It was useless.

Wen set us a medical clinic and served for the people. Guijianchou interrupted him a lot and hit Wen. In the hospital, Wen happened to meet Kuangniu and Chousi etc. They induced him to be member of them but were rejected by Wen. Xing robbed others with Kuangniu those ones and had much money. Wen didn' t know it at all. They enjoyed happily everyday in the clubs. Guijianchou received the news and alarmed the police secretly. When Kuangniu and Xing did the business again, they had already been in the sights of the police. They started a ferocious fight with the police. Wen got the news and rushed to the site but was hurt by bullets by accident. Wen died in the street.

During the escape of Xing, he got that it was Guijianchou 's behavior again. The old hatred and new enmity crowed together to his mind and he swore to let Guijianchou pay for them. After a serious fighting, Xing killed Guijianchou by himself and admitted his criminals in the police actively, hoping that he could have a new life in the future.



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