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24 Episodes TV Serives "Where is Our Youth Age"

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24 Episodes TV Serives 24 Episodes TV Serives 24 Episodes TV Serives 24 Episodes TV Serives 24 Episodes TV Serives
Products Name"Where is Our Youth Age"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeRomance
Episode Volume24
Episode Length45mins
Film DirectorShenyan
Script WriterSun Haijun, Qingwen, Baibo, Duwei
Cast ListTong Dawei, Jiang Yiyan, Chen Daomin, Luo Shanshan
Dialogue LanguageMandarin
Title LanguageChinese

The assistant Luo Hui was a mature, charming and lonely woman who appeared in her student Li Ran's life. Li Ran was in the age of immature and saw love as the whole of life. With the time passed by, things were all different, but the memory in Li Ran's heart was hard to be removed, living the primary impression to love in his heart.

Many years later, Li Ran, the journalist of the provincial newspaper, went back to Jiangcheng with a tired heart. On the party held by his friend Zong Yu, he came across Zhou Meng. Li Ran fell in loved with her at the first sight and tired to approach her. But out of his expectation, Zhou Meng was inexperienced in love and facing the man she loved, she was defenseless. So they were in love soon. Their love was as pure and beautiful as the falling Sakura. At the time of sending Zhou Meng home, they heard the music "Red River Valley" and were attracted by it. Li Ran told Zhou Meng the girl who heard this song would not fall out of love all her life. Zhou Meng remembered his words in heart.

Zhou Meng's best friend Dai Yan fell in love with a boy in their school named Ge Jun. But Dai Yan had boyfriend and Ge Jun had his girl friend also. Dai Yan told Ge Jun that seeing him with his girl friend was sufferable to her and Ge Jun laughed at her accordingly. But, actually, he also was in love with Dai Yan. Dai Yan was a realistic actor. She said goodbye to her boyfriend soon and they two became lover then.

Li Ran and Zhou Meng were in deep love. When they heart the song "Red River Valley" again, Li Ran told Zhou Meng that if one day he would keep Zhou Meng with him all the time, he would sing the song to her. Li Ran's ex-girlfriend Liu Yi went to Jiangcheng to regain Li Ran's love, but she met Zhou Meng instead. Zhou Meng realized there must be some deep emotion in their hearts. Their love started to have some problems. Li Ran decided to forget the past and Reverts to good relation with Zhou Meng. With the leaving of Liu Yi, another girl Du Xiaobing appeared in Li Ran and Zhou Meng's life. Facing the difficult relationship, Zhou Meng felt very tired.

Many years later, Li Ran and Du Xiaobing were both successful in careers, but they divorced then.

The heavy youth, as beautiful as the falling Sakura at the most beautiful moment, is nowhere to be settled…



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