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fantasy novels can be great interesting movies

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Nameadvantures with fionli Arthor
Themefantasy, adventure

Description of the project:

Who runs the world? A magical team led by Liu Bin who is a Chinese boy with a big forehead and an English-French mix-blood boy named Fionli Arthur holds everything. Liu Bin was just living a very peaceful life in a sea shore city located in the North of China and one day he found some strange things happened to him, a centaur drunk talked to him in the middle night and twelve Chinese zodiac made of Chinese traditional red paper-cut came into life. What is more, the dragon and tiger protected from bad guys. When Liu Bin met with Fionli, everything is becoming different from usual.

The crew led by two boys is extremely the strangest body you have ever seen------A crying bear-liked animal who is capable of predicting future; A brother and his younger sister who have different talents often quarrel with each other, the elder one is scared of his supernatural ability while the younger one is indulged in black magic; the next followed is a dementia with half young half aged face has already beyond control of the time; A all-powerful little musician whose temper is just like an iceberg; A male fairy always insult anyone who made him angry and a so-called speaker by himself---a red fox.

They unites together to have wonderful experiences in many mystical worlds unknown by human beings. After encountering a lot of dangerous such as fighting with a witch under the sea and saving a little mermaid in a clever way, rushing in legendary castle, attending a horrible dinner hosted by a man who can beat Death black and blue, try to escape from a huge flock of wasp and negotiating with a sly dragon etc.

They are almost on the way home, but it seems that the fact’s out of their imagination. Someone is trapping them and taking their life! What is haunting around teenagers? What is the next mission for all little knights when the travel to “seven ocean” spreads in front of them step by step.



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