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Hong kong Film "LETHAL PANTHER"

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Hong kong Film
Production CountryHong kong,China
Episode Length90 min
Film DirectorGodfrey Ho
Cast ListRaymond Wong,Sibelle Hu,Ken Lo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date1991

Black gangs of Philippines contend for control of the area. Wang Shan (Lin Cong acts)'s nephew Wang Biao (Wu Qihua) conspires with the enemy in order to usurp the leadership. They contact with the group of killers and hire two killers to come to Philippines Island to carry the conspiracy. They have a contract with the killer group that the two killers must die after the matter is successful.

Hong Kong killer Ruan Ling (Xuan Zhihui acts) from Vietnam and Japanese killer Gongbenyangzi (Gongbenyangzi acts) get the order respectively from their managers. They come to Philippines Island and succeed in killing Wang Shan. After the murder, they are pursued to death by Wang Biao's men and the killer group. Now the two killer become partners because of the danger of being killed. They work together to defend their common enemy. Meanwhile, Betty from ICPO surveys the matter and joins the pursuing of them.

Gongbenyangzi's boyfriend Kent (Lu Huiguang) is a member of the killer group. Gongben believes in her boyfriend and does not doubt Kent's swindle. She was murdered by Kent at last. Ruan Ling has a brother named Ruan Nan, an exile in France. He turns to be a killer now. This time he is hired by Wang Biao to arrive at Philippines to clean house, killing Body and two female killers. By a cruel irony of fate, Ruan Ling and Ruan Nan meet each other face to face. This pair of sister and brother has to fight with each other presently. As a result, Ruan Nan is killed. Ruan Ling is lost in desperate sorrow, turning to attack Wang Biao then. At last, she strives back the gangs strongly together with Betty.



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