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Products Name"Star Fox's Experiences" Ⅱ
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy Tale/Fable
Episode Volume26
Episode Length11min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

In a remote magic forest, there is a beautiful little house, named magic house. Under the lead of the mistress of the little house, Magic mother, Star Fox and his little pals lead a happy life here.

In this magic forest full of miraculous things, there are always strange things taking place, which make every day in this forest fantastic.

One day, Star Fox picked up a strange book with blank pages in the forest by accident. Gradually, Star Fox found the book have s special magic that can fulfill Star Fox’s wish. He became all types of professions to experience the different work, as fireman, hairdresser etc. It turned out to be that the book is a wish book that can make kid experience adults’ professions.

All kids feel curious to adults’ world, including Star Fox. He usually is curious about some professions, and desires to try them out, and even experiences them in his imaginations. Now, he owns the wish book, he will seek help from the book when he wants to try some professions. And the wish book will fulfill his wish, and makes him wear different cloth of different professions: doctor wearing the white smock, postman wearing postmen’s uniforms, detective wearing the hunting cap, racing driver wearing racing suit…and meanwhile providing him the same sites and relevant instruments.

When he is experiencing the professional knowledge, as doctor, other scientific researchers etc, the wish book will provide him the temporary necessary knowledge to him.

Sometimes, the wish book will offer him some mysterious tools: a cleaning truck that could get down all rubbish, a bag that could carry all kinds of instruments, the pillow that could get into the characters in dream….But they can only assist Star Fox when he is experiencing, he can only count himself to guide the way to experience…



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