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Full Length Documentary Full Length Documentary Full Length Documentary Full Length Documentary
Products Name"Chinese Touch"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeGeography/Scenery
Episode Volume100
Episode Length8min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, French, English
Completed Date2008

A series about many aspects of China: culture, sci-tech, ethnic groups, religion, landscape and historical sites.

This series comprises 100 parts, 8 minutes long each, about different subjects: the Peking Opera, embroidery, giant pandas, delicious food, the Bird’s Nest/Olympic Stadium, the new capital airport… If you want to know something about China, this series makes a perfect start.



1. The Peking Opera

2. Calligraphy

3. Chinese Language Characters

4. Chinese Painting

5. Paper Cuts

6. Jade Carving

7. Cheongsams

8. Acrobatics

9. Puppet Performance

10. Embroidery

11. Unique Sichuan Opera

12. Dragon And Lion Dances

13. China’s Porcelain

14. Royal Costumes

15. Tibetan Opera

16. Windmills

17. Chinese Kites

18. Shaolin Kung Fu

19. The Taiji Boxing

20. Tibetan Buddha Paintings

21. Folk Dances

22. Chinese New Year Paintings

23. Shadow Plays

24. Ancient Stone Works


25. A Long-hair Village

26. Torch Festival of the Yi People

27. Tibetan Clothes

28. Shangri-La

29. Long Tunes

30. Grand Songs of the Dong People

31. The Twelve Mukamu

32. Peking Roast Ducks

33. Snack Food in Chengdu

34. Wheat Flour Food In Shanxi

35. Teahouse and Tea Ceremonies

36. Chinese Traditional Medicine

37. The Eight Famous Places in Qingdao

38. The Central Street in Harbin

39. 798—A Place for Painters

40. The Three Gorges of the Yangtze

41. Jiuzhaigou, An Unbelievably Beautiful Place

42. Mount Huang

43. Mount Lu

44. Mount Wudang

45. Bamboo Forest

46. Lake Namucuo in Tibet

47. Lake Kanasi in Xinjiang

48. The Yellow River (part one)

49. The Yellow River (part two)

50. Wangfujing Street


51. The Great Wall

52. The Forbidden City

53. The Temple of Heaven

54. The Summer Palace

55. Hutong: The Lanes in Beijing

56. Terracotta Warriors from the Qin Dynasty

57. The Mogao Grottos

58. Sanxingdui: An Archeological Discovery

59. The Potala Palace in Lhasa

60. Jokhang Temple And the Bakuo Street

61. Ancient Town of Pingyao

62. Zhouzhuang: Ancient Village in South China

63. Lijiang in Yunan

64. Phoenix: An Ancient Place

65. Ancient Village in Huizhou

66. Gardens in Suzhou

67. Giant Buddha Sculpture

68. Terraced Fields of Hani People

69. Earthen Towers in Fujian

70. The Bund in Shanghai

71. The Bird’s Nest/Olympic Stadium

72. Capital Airport: Terminal Three

73. The National Theater

74. The Railway from Qinghai to Tibet

75. Fast Developing Pudong in Shanghai

76. Giant Bridge in Hangzhou Bay


77. “Confucius”

78. “Mencius”

79. “Lao-tzu”

80. “Sun-tzu”

81. “Zhuang-tze”

82. Qu Yuan

83. Cai Lun

84. Bi Sheng

85. Zhang Heng

86. Li Shizhen


87. Buddhism in China

88. Taoism in China

89. Islamism in China

90. Christianity in China

91. Catholicism in China

Rare Animals

92. Giant Panda

93. Golden Monkey

94. Red Ibis

95. Relie Gull

96. Sika Deer

97. Tibetan Antelopes

98. Asian Elephants

99. Primitive Antelopes

100. The Wild Horses in Xinjiang



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