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African TV Series for distribution

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African TV Series for distributionAfrican TV Series for distribution
Production CountryGhana
Theme TypeFamily Drama
Episode Volume104 and still shooting
Episode Length30mins
Film DirectorEmmanuel Apea
Script WriterEmmanuel Apea and John Apea
Cast ListKojo Dadson, John Apea, Nina and Rama Brew
Dialogue LanguageEnglish
Title LanguageEnglish
Completed Date2010 and still shooting

Home Sweet Home is a show that is designed to bring the family together in an atmosphere of love and understanding. It's a show that aims to show how the good exercising of parents and children's rights and responsibilities will invariably lead to a better growing up experience for both the young and old. Enoch Sarpong is a management consultant who runs how own private business. After having worked in a senior capacity with a well-known consultancy in England for a number of years, he decided that the tie was right to set up his own practice in Ghana. Vanessa his wife is a high flying corporate lawyer who represents major international clients in Ghana and West Africa. Due to the nature of her career, she finds herself spending long hours at the office. This has led to a reversal of traditional roles in the Sarpong household because Enoch can get most of his office work done at home via his laptop computer and Vanessa is most often stuck in the office. Thus, Enoch has to deal with the day to day issues of raising children, which most men often never encounter because they have the excuse of being at work! His attempt to run the home in the absence of Vanessa thus results in many hilarious situations. Like many middle class families in Accra, the Sarpong's employ the services of a maid. Unlike some families, the Sarpong's treat their house-help with love and respect. In the past some of the maids they've had have stayed for a while, some have also left for no apparent reasons. Maa Abena is the current maid. She has been in the household for the past four months and after breaking a couple of expensive plates and blowing up the microwave she has finally settled down. She is 19 years old and gets on with the family well. Like most maidservants she speaks very poor English. How long will she stay? Only time will tell. The Sarpong's have three children: Junior, 17, Jessica, 15 and Nina 6. Junior is awaiting the results of his final year SSCE exams and is hoping to go to university. This of course depends on how well he performs. Considering how much time he spent hanging out with his friends that will be a big surprise to everyone including himself! To while away the time he has enrolled on a computer course, where his real intention is to chat up as many girls as he can. His real desire is to “Fly” to London so he can make some money to get a “ride”. Jessica is in SS2 and a grade “A” student. Like most girls her age, her major obsession is how she looks from day to day and which boy thinks, “She's the most beautiful creature that ever walked the face of the earth”. Most of the arguments she has with Junior arise because she thinks she is smarter than he is. This is however true. Nina is a happy-go-lucky 6 year old who is interested in watching cartoons, playing with her dolls and sucking on a lollypop. As long as no one bothers her, she will happily sit on the settee the whole day. The Sarpong home is in a residential suburb of Accra. It's a nice five bed roomed house with a western style décor. Like many middle class families who have travelled extensively, their house has all the mod cons of this present generation: washing machine, dishwasher, microwave etc. Enoch and Vanessa want to make sure that their children though living in Ghana have the necessary tools to make them competitive in our present world that has no borders. As such all the children are computer literate often spending hours surfing the web much to the annoyance of their parents. In the first 13 episodes of the show, various issues that usually arise in almost every household will be discussed in a serous but humorous atmosphere. It is the belief of Enoch and Vanessa Sarpong that “The bitter pill of truth and discipline are best swallowed when coated with humour”. The primary objective of Home Sweet Home is to show that the family that takes time to listen to each other and respect each other's points of view is a family that stays together forever. We also intend to highlight how the stability of the home environment is important to both the child's academic success and the high professional achievement of the parents



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