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German Documentary"Divine Prophecy and Natural Science"

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German Documentary
Products Name"Divine Prophecy and Natural Science"
Production CountryGermany
Theme TypeDocumentary
Episode Length28.30
Dialogue LanguageEnglish
Title LanguageClear
Completed Date2009

Modern science - and quantum physics in particular - has discovered that the material existence is not reality but merely the external appearance behind which are spiritual structures.

What Gabriele, the prophetess and ambassador of God for our time, receives through the language of light of the divine spiritual world and translates into the language of human beings is in part confirmed by the insight gained by physicists, for instance Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg and Hans-Peter Dürr.

It's all about the world of quants, in which matter and energy dissolve in spiritual potential; it's about the significance of the earth's magnetic field for humans and animals; it's about the effects our emotions and thoughts have, via the nervous system, on our soul and body; and, not lastly, it's about the question of whether there is a life after death. The explanations from the divine spiritual world and the knowledge of modern near-death-research meet in a fascinating dialogue.



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