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Animation Film "Rain Stone"

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Animation Film Animation Film Animation Film Animation Film
Film Title"Rain Stone"
Production CountryChina
Episode Length67 min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2007

According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the three dimension space we are living in is not isolated. It is formed by six worlds parallel but irrelevant. It is said that a kind of magic stones exist in the six worlds. Each has the power to open the routeways among the six different worlds. However, both the amount and the power of rain stones are limited. Each rain stone can only be used once and there are just several rare ones in the six worlds. Our story begins in the unique parallel world where rain stones can be founded. The major physiognomy of the world is a large area of grassland. "Wutu", a peaceful and resourceful tribe is living a quiet peaceful here. Nevertheless a powerful strength exists on the grassland, that is the Hell Corps with strong Tiezhe as its leader. Tiezhe's wife was inhaled into another world ten years ago. In order to rescue his wife, Tiezhe looks for rain stones on the grassland crazily. As a result, the grassland suffers persistent disturbance. Two years ago, an intelligent creature from another world Mouse Dishu happened to drop into this world. He is also searching for rain stones madly to return to his own homeland. He encounters the attack from Tiezhe corps when he succeeded in getting rain stones after lots of difficulties. He starts up the power of rain stones in hurry and drops into the earth. He encounters a high school student named Lu Fan (main actor) who has just finished CEE. Lu Fan carelessly touches rain stones out of curiosity and thus is brought in the beautiful grassland by Dishu.



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