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Mastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discs

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Mastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discsMastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discsMastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discsMastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discsMastering,replication and printing of mutimedial discs

Headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian Opto-electronic Co., Ltd. (FJDISC) is the Chinese leading manufacturer of specialty optical discs including CD/VCD/CD-ROM/DVD-VIDEO/DVD-AUDIO discs and screen/offset printing.

FJDISC's mission is to produce technologically superior products that offer a high degree of customer satisfaction and value while conducting business affairs with unparalleled integrity, courtesy and professionalism.

The Pride of Fujian - The Expert in Optical Disc

Since its establishment, FJDISC had produced mainland China's first DVD5 and DVD9 disc among the first seven registered DVD producers in mainland China.

Founded on July 27, 1998, FJDISC received the replication certificate of optical disc from General Administration of Press and Publication of P. R. China soon after its establishment. We are specialized in mastering and replicating Audio CD, Video CD, CD-Rom, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video. The total investment capital: 300 million RMB (2008).

By combining the Right Technology at the Right Time with the Right Product, FJDISC has earned its name in the high-tech field of optical disc. By maintaining an innovative business vision from the start, and combining it with a strong commitment to innovation and exceptional customer services, FJDISC had successfully become one of the leading manufacturers of optical disc on mainland China.

1. Advance Automated Production Facilities

We currently have 5 lines of FIFO DVD 5/9/10 replication system from TOOLEX ALPHA , 3 lines of Alpha Electra DVD lines from Alpha Sweden and 3 lines of KM CD replication system made in Germany, of which the yield capacity per year is that DVD 60,000,000 pcs and CD 10,000,000 pcs.

2. High qualified Team

To insure customer for the best service, we are in possession of a highly qualified team with all members graduated from top-ranking universities of the world. Among them are some masters, doctors and professors who have rich experience in the fields of manufacture facilities, technology, materials, protection of intellectual property right, DVD and the research and development of products etc.

3. Effective and Rigid Systems Management

From the very beginning, we made it sure that all our operations should be in accordance with the principles of ISO9002. To guarantee the quality and protect intellectual property rights effectively, we built a comprehensive and rigid system management on the production flow including order receiving, registration, supervision, producing, packing storage, transportation and delivery.

4. Favorable Pricing

To build a friendly, long-term and win-win business relationship between us, we would offer you the most favorable prices in producing discs according to customer design.

5. Esteem Rights of Intellectual Property

We abide by Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights—TRIPS, Agreement on International Copyrights and Agreement on Protection of Literary and Artistic Works etc.

We began applying for entry of DVD Forum soon after the establishment and have been a full member of DVD Forum. We have received various certificates of DVD producing and have made an agreement upon precaution of copyrights against pirating. What we should say is that, we have always been and will ever be paying great attention to the protection of both the intellectual property rights and copyright.

To guarantee interests and legal rights, we will help customers to go through formalities in applying for registration of copyrights in China.



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