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EAC-ST7540AF1 CAR Tuner

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EAC-ST7540AF1 CAR Tuner

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Car-tuner, used ST company IC for TDA7540B and 24C02A, and good quality for mobile car TV, have the RoHS test according TUV group

Serivce for car prouducting company in China including Ford, Suzulight and adjust for Japan, Europen

Receiving system: FM section: super heterodyne, AM section: double heterodyne

Receiving frequency: FM section: 87.5 to 108MHz; AM section: 522 to 1,720kHz

Tuning voltage: FM section: 0.8V minimum to 8.2V maximum (-30 to +80 deg C); AM section: 0.8V minimum to 8.2V maximum (-30 to +80 deg C)

FM section: 1.2V minimum to 7.8V maximum (+20 degrees Celsius); AM section: 1.2V minimum to 7.3V maximum (+20 degrees Celsius)

IF center frequency: FM section: 10.7MHz; AM section: 10.7MHz, 450kHz

Antenna input impedance: FM section: 75 Ohms unbalanced

Standard supply voltage: 8.2V

Operation temperature: -30 to +80 degrees Celsius



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