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30 Episodes Animated Series "Small Dragon Abu"

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30 Episodes Animated Series
Products Name"Small Dragon Abu"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFairy tale, Adventure
Episode Volume30
Episode Length12 min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

Several hundred years ago, the Dragon King rules the forest world peacefully. The fox is a Mage under the Dragon King. He is very bad. He is evil, selfish and greedy. He induces the evil part of the Dragon King by witchcraft. The fox likes absorbing animals’ soul. Every lunar eclipse night, the fox absorbs spirit of the animals in the forest taking advantage of the Dragon King’s power. His magic increases and he becomes immortal. The whole forest is covered by the villainous strength…

After several hundreds of years, a group of little animals live happily in the other part of the forest. Suddenly, a huge rock falls from Yunshi Mountain, which ruins the peace of the forest. Curious animals wonder around the rock, paying attention to it. Several days later, the rock breaks and inside it is an egg. When lunar eclipse night comes, a small dragon comes out from the egg. Another strange thing happens that a lot of animals change into soul and are absorbed by the fox witchcraft. Animals are in panic and after hot discussion, they start to realize that the small dragon causes everything. The small dragon is isolated because of animals’ misunderstanding and crowding-out. The small dragon starts to thinks who is himself, where does he come from, where is his home. Getting more and more confused, he is long for partners and relatives. At this time, the sophist confronts the small dragon. He takes him back to the forest and convenes the animals and tells them the present status and former realities. So the animals change the thoughts towards the small dragon and they feel earnest to hold back the damages of the evil forces for the forest is in danger. A strong faith comes into the brain of the small dragon that his father the King Dragon is still there and he should go to find his father. Although the small dragon is the descendant of King Dragon and owns great power, he is still a small dragon who has not experienced life and battles. He does not know how to get the power of adult dragon and fight against the evil. The sophist tells him that there are a few guardians around the fox nest and after beating them the small dragon could get 6 dragon remarks. When gain the last dragon remark, the small dragon will become powerful and win the battle against the evil forces. The small animals help the small dragon to succeed.



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