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Heroes of the Marshes " An Daoquan" 【HD】

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Heroes of the Marshes
Products Name" An Daoquan"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Action/Kung Fu
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorHuang Zuquan
Script WriterGong Xiangdong
Cast ListChen Long, Chen Derong, Yang Junyi , Weng jiaming (Taiwan)
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2010

An Daoquan

In the desolate desert there is a man in white robe, riding on the back of a donkey, holding a paper umbrella and writing the calendar. Suddenly, the donkey just stops to move on no matter how hard he swipes it. An Daoqun knows it anticipates dangers in the near future.

There comes A gust of sand wind and through the sands, An Daoquan sees a woman (Qiu Yongmei) is running rapidly with a go-cart, inside which a little girl is imprisoned. They are followed by Zhuifeng, a killer. About this time appear several strange men who also aim at the girl. Strangely, Zhuifeng turns to help Qiu instead. An Daoquan decides to give a hand, and fights off the enemies with silver needles. However, Zhuifeng tells him not to believe what he has seen and Qiu Yongmei is also indifferent to his assistance. Her treatment to her daughter Xin’er makes An even more perplexed.

Qiu Yongmei chooses to spend the night in an unknown house where lays many coffins. At midnight, Xin’er feels someone pet her and finds an ugly man (Tieyun), and thus cries out. Her cries frighten Tieyun away but also awakens Qiu Yongmei. Qiu has an illusion that many strangers come out of the coffin and attack her. When she comes to, she sees Xin’er is taken away by Zhuifeng, and follows out immediately.



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