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Film Series "Fire-Line Fighting - The Shadow of Inferior Guns"

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Film Series
Film Title"Fire-Line Fighting - The Shadow of Inferior Guns"
Production CountryChina
ThemeAction, Crime
Episode Length90min
Film DirectorBilly Tang
Script WriterWuzheng
Cast ListWallace Chung , Ashton Chen
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese,English
Completed Date2009

Detection team of Zhong Lang found a woman corpse in a fire disaster, which was died from murder. And her young daughter ---- Dandan had been kidnapped by the murderer.

The detection team considered the dead’ husband ---- Xu Shengdao had the great suspect. Unexpectedly, a big case of inferior guns was pulled out while they arrested Xu Shengdao.

Originally, Xu Shengdao was a designer of the armory and a series of bore premature occurred during the real army battles just after the new rifles were distributed to armies.

The families of the victims brought a lawsuit against armory. But the armory director Zhang Baiqun shirked off all the responsibility upon Xu Shengdao. Actually, it is Zhang Baiqun who used shoddy materials to reap fabulous profits during the process of gun production.

However, all the material evidents were destroyed by Jin She who was the supporter behind Zhang Baiqun. He kidnapped Dandan and forced Xu Shengdao not to testify in court.

As the court day is closing, the detective team had to find material evidences of the inferior guns case and rescue Dandan within 24 hours. At last, the team successfully completed the mission, Xu Shengdao appeared resolutely in the court and the arch-criminal was brought to justice.



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