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A Grand TV Series "Immemorial Legends"【HD】

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A Grand TV Series A Grand TV Series A Grand TV Series A Grand TV Series A Grand TV Series
Products Name"Immemorial Legends"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, History/War
Episode Volume40
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorWu Jia-yi Lin Jian-zhong
Cast ListWen Qing, Jiao En-jun, Ding Jun, Guo Kai-min, Liu Jia, Zhang Guang-bei
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

The grand TV series "Immemorial Legends" recounts a story about after Pangu Separates Sky from Earth, human tribe arose pestilence because of war. In order to overcome the pestilence, the sister of Jade Emperor (the god of flowers) and Shen Nong (Emperor Yan) went through difficulties, trek to Five Sacred Mountains and Heaven Lake to seek for pure soil and water. Finally, they use the seeds of in heaven to planting floewers and heal the word. The story is majestic and a broader view. The story blends a lot of Chinese ancient times legend and re-deducts the legend, include "Pangu an epoch making story", "Nv wa patches up the sky", "War between Emperor HUang and Ci You", "Emperor Yan tastes medicinal herbs", "Hou Yi shoot down 9 suns", "the Goddess in the moon run to the moon", "Cang Jie invent the character", "Du Kang vintage wine", "Zhu Rong invent banger" etc. So the story has a profound traditional culture influence. Emperor Huang, Emperor Yan, the god of pestilence, the red girl, the local land god, the kitchen stove god, Yangjian, Zhurong, Houyi, Goddess in the moon, Gou Mang, Kuafu, Fu Xi, Gonggong, and other well-known legend character were well depict. It has positive influence to promote Chinese culture.



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