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Original Ecological True Kungfu Movie "Kung fu nunchakus" 【SD】

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Original Ecological True Kungfu Movie Original Ecological True Kungfu Movie Original Ecological True Kungfu Movie Original Ecological True Kungfu Movie
Film Title"Kung fu nunchakus"
Production CountryChina
Episode Length90min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2010

This is an original ecological true kung fu movie with Bruce Lee's martial arts style and concept! With the great success of Bruce Lee’s kung fu movie, As Bruce Lee’s representative weapon –nunchakus, affected the global martial arts enthusiasts. At the same time Bruce Lee's vigorous Chinese boxing and imposing nunchakus performing, philosophic theory of his martial arts concept also affected the whole world, furthermore Kung Fu craze that he created led to the martial arts passion of tens of millions of admirers. This is a long-lost true meaning Bruce Lee’s style kung fu film, it conveyed the tribute of the posterity to the martial arts saint Bruce Lee.

The film based on real story. Li Xiao-rong is a frank high school student in school, however just before graduation that year, a matter happened which changed his life. Social rogue Hei San took a fancy to Xiao rong’s classmate Yang Dan who had a good relation with Xiao rong. he knotted idle society youths and often besieged Yang Dan after school on the road. In order to protect Dan Yang Li Xiao-rong was repeatedly humiliated. At last,Yang Dan was robbed by somebody by car on the way home, Li Xiao-rong found that Yang Dan was missing, he went to Yang Dan’s home , what waited for him was a new tomb.

Li Xiao-rong felt indignant about it, he dropped out of school and left home, embarked on a rocky road to find master to learn martial arts.

Li Xiao-rong orderly learned form master Jia and Tie Xing zuo who was good at iron palm and iron head Kung fu. The only standard which inspects boxing is real fight. But the two masters who had kung fu shocking the common customs were run after and beaten by a fat woman pedlar. Li Xiao-rong who was unfamiliar to present situation of martial arts was shocked such scene.

There was a movie of Bruce Lee broadcasting on television in the hotel,two men who were eating were engaging in endless arguments for the life of Bruce Lee,the Nunchakus coach Li De advised them by using his own experience, showed a brilliant Nunchakus feat ,Li Xiao rong tool Li De as a teacher, he started his formal nunchakus practice.

Because the stick acrobatic play of nunchakus was simple and the effect of practice was great, in the careful guidance of master Li De, Li Xiao rong quickly mastered single stick and double stick techniques , combating methods of nunchakus. Li De often took his students to challenge other martial clubs all around , helped a tyrant to do evil . teaching siding with the bully。Li Xiao rong was bloody full and too young to distinguish what’s good or bad. He also joined them. Furthermore because of the matter of Yang Dan Li Xiao rong filled his heart with hatred all the time, so every time Li Xiao rong’s every style had deathful power, he beat crucial key points of the opponents and kill them with one hit.

The appearance of Li Xiao rong made everyone’s conspiracy exposed,His conduct constituted a direct threat to everyone’s benefit, The new enmity and the old hatred made him blood expansion, a combat of battling against heavy odds, justice and evil, skill and courage Inevitably broke out. . .

Brandished just nunchalkus with both hands, broke through the heavy siege, defeated numerous masters, vowed to fight with the enemy till the last drop of blood. At the time hanging by a thread and of vital concernment, the teachings of master Bruce Lee flashed on his ears: Jeet Kune Do is a concise and straightforward and practical boxing, you must get rid of useless action, Freely express yourself, Nunchakus is not all-powerful, it is only a member of martial arts equipments, A good master can beat enemy by an inch of grass, Breaking wood is a sharp weapon, Please don’t lose yourself. Li Xiao rong instantly understood the martial spirit of Bruce Lee,

He reversed the downward trend and overmastered formidable enemies by smart methods

Under the baptism of Martial Spirit, Li Xiao rong embarked on a new life journey over again, and perhaps the road ahead would be bumpy, but it certainly should be out of the common.



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