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28 Episodes TV Series "Limpid Water, Blue Sky"

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28 Episodes TV Series
Products Name"Limpid Water, Blue Sky"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeComdey
Episode Volume28
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorPan Changjiang
Script WriterGu Kai
Cast ListPan Changjiang, Sun Ning
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2008

Shangshui Village located at the frontier of North East China. There were green mountains and clean rivers in the village.

Qian Dabao and Qian Erbao were brothers of the same father, different mothers. They lived in a yard, owning deep affection to each other. The elder brother was director of the village while younger brother the boss of the sole factory in the village. Both of them lived in the Shangshui Village. One serves for the villagers with heart and soul, the other help people profit more devotedly.

However, a collectivity poisoning accident pushed Qian Dabao to the very point of contradiction. Environment pollution became the essential problem of the village, concerning their existence. The very factory that produced the waste was Qian Erbao's. The person who got the evidence of pollution was Man Yihua, having love with Qian Dabao.

Qian Dabao once waddled around the conflict of brotherhood and environment protection. The township leader Tao Xiaohui, who had just stepped up was classmates with Qian Dabao over 20 years ago. Her appearance made the problem of environment protection more complicated.

Finally People knew environment protection more and deeper from different aspects after overcoming the conflicts between sensibility and sense. They were touched in soul during the course. The Shangshui Village restored the green mountains and clean rivers at last. They created a nice moving song of building new socialism village together on the way of making profits.



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