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26 Episode TV Series "Zhang Lihong's Modern Life"

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26 Episode TV Series 26 Episode TV Series 26 Episode TV Series 26 Episode TV Series 26 Episode TV Series
Products Name"Zhang Lihong's Modern Life"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeRomance,Ethic,Thrill
Episode Volume26
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorShi Chenfeng
Cast ListChen Jin, Ding Yongdai, Kong Lin
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2007

Zhang Lihong is very confident about her life. Although her boss just passed away, she operates the company very well, and the business is going well. She will be the new manager of the company. Also, she has a happy family, she gets marriage with her husband for 20years, her husband is a typical scholar, and their daughter has become a student of a university. The life of this family looks harmonious and happy. Suddenly, a MMS breaks the Zhang's peaceful life. In the picture, Zhang is intimate with a man...the blackmailer put forward a lot of strange orders, and it seems that his aim is not the money... Zhang's confidante Sun Bo, who is a broadcaster in a station, involves this case, she watches that Zhang's trouble and plight, but she can not help her. As a successful career woman, Zhang also has a weaker side in her nature Zhang put all her energy to her career, and ignores the communication with her husband, in fact, they has a long separation situation. Zhang meets a lover one day...finally she decides to break up with her lover, but it's late. The blackmailer just a fuse of the family crisis... In order to protect the fame of their family, Zhang tries to meet the blackmailer's condition, generally, Zhang thinks the blackmailer is a psychological disorder; he just wants to put Zhang down to shame, but not for the money. Finally, the blackmailer attacks the local area network of Zhang's company, this cross Zhang's base line, Zhang decides to call the police and she doesn't want to play a game any more. Zhang decides to confess her wrong to her family, although she knows this will lead her family to collapse. Sun Bo tries to stop her, but fails, and Zhang tells the truth to her husband...   To Zhang's surprise, when Zhou hears Zhang's words, he looks very peaceful as if he has known everything... In fact, Zhou throws doubts upon her wife Zhang a long time. One day, he employs a man whose name is "eye of God" to investigate Zhang and gives him a lot of Zhang's personal information, but at last the "eye of God" disappeared, the blackmailer is "the eye of God", Zhou blames himself, and how can he do?



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