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Heroes of the Marshes Film Series "Hu Sanniang and Dwarf Wangying"

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Heroes of the Marshes Film Series Heroes of the Marshes Film Series Heroes of the Marshes Film Series
Film Title"Hu Sanniang and Dwarf Wangying"
Production CountryChina Mainland
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry
Episode Length90min
Film DirectorZhang Jian-ya,
Script WriterGong Xiang-dong
Cast ListZeng Bao-yi, Guo De-gang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2008

Zhu Village, Hu Village and Li Village are the strong influence villages and allies of three of them together can be unbreakable.

Hu Sanniang is the daughter of Hu Village Lord and caressant by her father. But, since Hu Village Lord married a beautiful wife, he doesn’t love his daughter any more.

Hu Sanniang has engaged with Zhu Biao the third son of Zhu Village Lord for a long time. Zhu Biao reads extensively and is good at organ ambush. Although Zhu Biao also loves Hu Sanniang, he indulges in superstition and thinks they can’t marry. But Zhu Biao schemes to get the organ picture of Hu Village; he pretends to promise marry with Hu Sanniang and ask her to get the organ picture of Hu Village.

In the same time, Wang Ying and the other two persons sent by Liangshan Mountain to detect the details of these three villages. Wang Ying is glib and likes women, but he is softhearted man in bone. Wang Ying enters Zhu Village in deep night and sees Hu Sanniang and Zhu Biao stay together by accident. He thinks Hu Sanniang is whore and makes many mistakes in the future.

Hu Sanniang fails to get the picture and has to steal it in father’s book room, but meets with Wang Ying and the picture is stolen by Wang Ying’s partners. Wang Ying is captured by Hu Sanniang.

This picture embroiled many persons. And Hu Sanniang finally sees through the true attempt of Zhu Biao, while she finds the kindness of Wang Ying. She and Wang Ying allied with each other frustrates the scheme of Zhu Biao and protects Hu Village.



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