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Six Highlights of ’A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu’

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Audiences from 27 media companies, Professions and critics met in Zhenzhou, China to preview the Kungfu teleplay ‘A Legend of Shaolin Kunfu’. The exciting action scenes, action sequences never been seen before, and real Kungfu Combats were gain great recognitions by large number of participates. They also recognize it would become main focus of 2007 Teleplay and summarized 6 highlights of ‘A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu’.
Highlight 1:Fresher performers, real Kungfu Monks, you have never seen on tele or film, are kungfu masters. Great kungfu skills and no cinematographic magic are the unique characterizations of this teleplay. All kungfu scenes were performed by themselves. Their attitude was to challenge their physical limits. Not just gave the challenges to stuntmen. Although they were not professional performers, it is hard to judge who is better comparing to those professions.
Highlight 2: action scene never seen before
A large number of remarkable Shaolin Kunfu skills were reproduced in this project. Those kungfu name you probably just heard of, were appeared in Kungfu actors performance.
It took 175 days to complete 435 action scenes, thousands staffs were involved. The action director, Siu-Tung Ching, is well know for his unique action style for many works including ‘Jet Li’s Hero’, ‘The Gate of flying Dagger’, ‘Curse of golden flower’. He had expressed his respects to the Shaolin Kungfu and intended to show audience what real Shaolin Kungfu is which never been seen before.
Highlight 3. chemistry between stars
Cast and crew team consists top professions from both mainland of China and Hong Kong. Some actors are frequently play hero role in other teleplay or films. They were play opposite role in this project. Conversely, ‘bad guys’ play hero role. Obviously, there must be many exceptions which tightly grab the audiences interested.
Two genius comedy stars participated in one project for the first time. One was great emperor, another played as a real evil guy. What would happen between them.
Highlight 4: exciting storylines
Instead on one story, there were six stories for this teleplay. Shaolin master and his six disciples were the main characters throughout all six stories. The advantage of this layout is that the script writers are allow to put more interested stories and brilliant ideas in one teleplay. All six disciples have their characterisations. Exciting, misunderstanding, fun, and loads of more would happen among them because of the different personalities.
Highlight 5:Teenager star once was ‘Jet Li’s successor
Miao xie played many roles with Jet Li at his childhood. He was once considered as Jet Li’s successor. He had faded away from people’s view because he need time to complete his study. Many people are still curious about his present situation. he was just completed his undergraduate study. As a monk appeared in ‘A Legend of Shaolin Kunfu’, would audiences recognized he was the teenager once played as Jet LI’s son.
Highlight 6: Stars from‘Shaolin Temple’
Two stars from 1980’s film ‘Shaolin Temple’, Chunhua JI and Chenghui Yu, joined in the cast team. Audiences would compare their roles in this project to ‘Shaolin temple’. Their appearance would give audiences memory of the 1980’s. Chunhua Ji stated’ As time passed by, now I understand what i should do in performance. I would say I’ve done better job in this project comparing to previous’


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