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Part 2 Casting in Progress

Member:Dongyangyingbao Movie &TV communication Co.,Ltd. Source: 2007/12/29 16:51:20

"A Legend of Shaolin KungFu" Part 2 will be in production soon. It has starting to select new Kungfu actor or actress. "A Legend of Shaoling Kunfu" is a trilogy. Part I was completed and will be aired in later of 2007. The producer has decided to move focus on Part II since the tremendous recognitions of the part I has gained.
Part 2 is set in the dynast of Tang, the story reveal the way they gain their Kungfu skills before they became to shaolin monks. they saved king of Tang to defeat his enemies and built Kingdom of Tang. As a fundermetnal requirement for main characters, they must has excellent kunfu skills
The outstanding performance and excellent Kungfu skills of fresher brought in Part I has gained tremendous recognition ,which encourage the production team to bring more fresher in part II. In another word, more Chinese Kungfu Champions will join the project and have a chance to shine. The casting team is currently working on the selection of proper cast from a great number of Chinese Kungfu champions.


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