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The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended: Siren of China

The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended KoWe 2009/02/12 10:29:08

Siren of China
Michael C. Tang

She was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, a perfect temptress. She was sent by her own master to bring down the Kingdom of Wu, but what she hadn't planned on was falling in love with the enemy.
Siren of China is the incredible story of Hsi Shih, a legendary beauty, who lived in China during the Spring and Autumn Period 2,500 years ago. Hsi Shih's perilous and secret mission, during the war between the Kingdoms of Wu and Yue, is introduced to the Western readers for the first time in this thrilling historical fiction. Brought to life by the multi-talented Michael Tang, the author of three best selling books in China, this is a fascinating story of the most beautiful woman in China, and the powerful rulers she seduced. It is a tale of love and war, and revenge of epic proportions.

338 pages
Hardcover, 136 × 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-60220-204-7
$22.95 USA

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