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The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended: Fascinating Mural Stories from Dunhuang Grottoes

The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended KoWe 2009/02/19 14:44:17

Fascinating Mural Stories from Dunhuang Grottoes

This book selects mural stories from 136 grottoes in Dunhuang. It is the first book which contains the most mural stories ever published in English with 100 best and first-hand precious photos illustrated.

The Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes were inscribed on the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1987. Cultural relics found in the Dunhuang Grottoes, including beautiful murals, colorful statues, detailed silk paintings and illustrations of magnificent architecture demonstrate the originality, artistry, and wisdom of the ancient Chinese artists who created them. Examination of these valuable pieces of work can provide us with a better understanding of ancient Chinese politics, economy, culture, and religion as well as of the relationships that existed between various ethnic groups and between peoples in the East and the West in ancient China.

The translations presented in this book are comprised mainly of Buddhist history, legends and stories. The 137 vivid and beautiful mural pictures were provided by Dunhuang Cultural Centre. This English version Fascinating Mural Stories from Dunhuang Grottoes is an exquisite picture album containing colorful images which will surely please the eyes of the readers. We dedicate this book to all the visitors from the countries of the world to Dunhuang Grottoes.

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